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Even with the recent changes in the mortgage industry and the added transparency of the fees associated with a loan, there are still some things that every borrower needs to be aware of when shopping for an FHA loan. Like it or not, not every loan officer has the borrowers' best interest in mind ...
The "Kiddie Condo" FHA loan program is a great way for young adults, students, and first time homebuyers to purchase a home.  This program allows someone to co-sign with a blood relative (i.e parent, grandparent, sibling, etc.) who would help them qualify for the loan with their income or assets....
7/23/2009 30 year fixed 5.125% (APR 5.199%) 0 points, 15 year fixed 4.625% (4.722%) 0 points. www.LoganUtahMortgages.com
HERA Mortgage Disclosure Improvement Act- Taking effect July 30th, 2009 The motive behind this new law is to help ensure that the home financing process is transparent. The goal is to help prevent deceptive lending practices and to make sure that the borrower is provided with enough details and t...
A realtor friend of mine, Kaleb Kunz, www.realestateinloganutah.com, introduced me to this awesome website, www.weebly.com, where you can set up a website for free.  It is extremely user friendly and you don't have to be an internet genius to do it. I just recently set up my website, www.loganuta...
7/17/2009 Watch for disount points to increase a little bit today. 30 year fixed 5.375% (APR 5.424%), 15 year fixed 4.75% (APR 4.844%) Interest Rates are still amazingly low. Let's buy some houses people! www.loganutahmortgages.com  
Mortgage Rate Update for 7/16/2009 Interest Rates came back down a little bit today following the yield on the 10 year bond this morning. 30 year fixed rates are hovering around 5.25% with 0 discount points (APR 5.345%) and 15 year fixed rates came down to around 4.625% with 0 discount points (AP...
07/15/2009... 30 year fixed mortgage 5.375% (5.424 APR), 15 year fixed 4.75% (4.835 APR) www.loganutahmortgages.com  
Within the past year there has been quite a lot of talk about the future of the mortgage broker. I've read a half of dozen articles by authors that think the mortgage broker will soon go the way of the buffalo. And recently a colleague of mine quit his job as a broker and became a loan officer at...

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