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Are you a risk-taker? Do you believe -- not unlike the infamous dance of a young, underwear-clad Tom Cruise -- real estate is Risky Business? There's a definite non-negotiable element of risk involved in anything that includes the exchange of money and/or assets. Here's how the investment sector ...
It's a common progression here in America. We go on our dream vacation. We fall in love with the place. We want to buy a home in our new favorite place. If you're one of the over 38 million Americans who traveled overseas in 2017, you may have come home feeling the same way.Perhaps you want to pu...
When you hear the phrase “luxury property” what comes to mind? A high-rise in downtown Manhattan? A sprawling French provincial estate in Savannah? A vacation home with a panoramic oceanfront view? A secluded, 6,500 sq. ft. cabin in the Rocky Mountains?One man’s home is another man’s castle becau...
This series of blog posts explores the idea that the tech industry is reshaping and redefining real estate markets. This is the second post in that series. (Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section below.) The world’s gone Micro.Microchips. Microschools. Microservices. Micromanufa...
The last six years have been amazing for the housing market. Residential real estate sales continue to boom. Despite increased demand, the affordability of housing in most areas across the country remains favorable for home buyers.Many factors contribute to this healthy market: strong economic gr...
Every day new advances in technology create necessary changes. Changes in processes and approaches. As technologies advance, markets change.How does the real estate industry respond to these changes? Do we pick up the ball and run with it? Or do we hesitate until we’ve fallen behind? (Like Xerox ...


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