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One evening a couple summers ago, we stopped by the Town Square at Mansfield, Missouri, to enjoy a music evening. When we parked, we were right next to an elderly gentleman who is a Mansfield native staying in his vehicle while listening to the music. We never got our lawn chairs to the Square be...
An early rule I read about for monitor viewing was "Every 20 minutes, Look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds". This is supposed to ease the strain on your eyes from staring at the intriguing and interesting monitor.I have acquired some helpers outside my office window. If you call me, some...
Jack Miller recently became a member of Active Rain after being encouraged by Tony Marriott and Ken Spencer.Jack is a technology and systems coach and consultant -  Jack Miller Consulting.  He may be new here, but he knows blogging and has another tech blog that is full of information  Jack's  Re...
I have had this topic cooking for months, but it just won't come together.  Perhaps it is not supposed to be TOGETHER!Just about one year ago, my husband, Richard, became a consultant and specialist for a program in two counties of Missouri for the construction of 10 homes using strawbale walls.H...
"Okay, honey, the invoice for 235 widgets was just paid!  We're rich!"  Is that the way your business works?  Do you know what each penny of cash or income or value can do for you.  Or what that nickel misspent can do to you?   Pennies and nickels may be tuning it a little to the fine side, but w...
A large 'herd' of my pets are making dirt 24/7. For 7 years I have had bins in my basement at one house or another which are inhabited by one variety of worms or another. They eat my garbage and my junk mail, turning out beautiful black soil, laced with nifty seeds. Last year I had some wonderful...
MSBDC says that business owners in Missouri have invested time and resources into building the business. MSBDC offers business management courses that make up part of this energy investment. Some business owners utilize that service, some have other educational resources and some have learned at ...

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