orange county: Be Possitive, Be the Person Others Want to be Around! - 01/11/13 12:25 AM
How to sell houses whether you are dealing with the sellers or the buyers and be the one they want to call! BE POSSITIVE! This will help you in any market situation should the economy be down or up. No one wants to buy a house from someone that is negative and down. You will have days that you have to work at being positive. Chances are you can find the best thing that is happening that day and build on it. The saying “every cloud has a silver lining” is true, it just takes an effort to find it.

orange county: Reverse Mortgages Are NOT the Best Alternative for Seniors! - 12/29/10 05:23 AM
Wanted to share with you a new report out in the LA Times. It is warning seniors to make sure they understand all the fees and interest that a Reverse Mortgage includes. Unless there is no other alternative, it is not advised for seniors to use the equity in their home in this maner.
Older Homeowners Turn to Reverse Mortgages  By Jim Puzzanghera RISMEDIA, December 29, 2010-(MCT)-With demand rising for reverse mortgages, senior citizens are particularly at risk of being misled and should be protected by greater government oversight of the industry, according to a report by Consumers Union and two California advocacy … (4 comments)

orange county: Median Pricing in Orange County, - 10/27/09 02:22 AM
Median price of $432,000 (single family detached and condos) in Orange County, are up 2.9% from one year ago. This is still 33% below the high of June 2007 of $645,000. The last two months have been an increase over  the previous years price index.
Pricing for single family houses at the median of $500,000 there was 33% less housing sold now then at the peak of June 2007. Mostly due to the low inventory we are experiencing now and strict qualifying rules.
The median price of condos has reached $310,000 and is selling at 36% lower than the high in March of 2006.
The good … (1 comments)

orange county: Sites to Get Help to Prevent Foreclosure in Orange County, CA - 10/26/09 03:22 PM
Need help to avoid forclosure? Here are a list of site where you can get help and no up front fees!
1) Making Home Affordable:
2)Consumer Credit Counseling Services:
3) Neighborhood Housing Services:
4) Fair Housing Council:  
5) Orange County Home Ownership Preservation Collaboration:
6) Legal aid Society:
7) to find HUD-certified counseling agencies:
To find foreclosure prevention classes; go to agencies above and click on Calendar or Workshops 

orange county: Where and What is Mission Viejo, CA - 03/21/09 09:59 AM
The city of Mission Viejo is located in the southern part of Orange County, CA, to the east of us is Saddleback Mountain and to the west (5 miles) is the Pacific Ocean. It has been named the safest city in the U.S.A. from 2005-2007 but in 2008 we fell to second place. Considered to be one of the first and largest master planned communities ever built as a single project, today it stands as an example for what can be done. The Mission Viejo Company was formed in 1963 and consisted of 3 of the original land owners family decedents. … (0 comments)

orange county: Jan 1, 2009 New Tax Law CA! Debt Forgiveness! - 03/09/09 01:44 PM
I just when on the CA Association of Realtors legal site and read this.
Sellers are responsible for income taxes in the state of CA for an debt forgiveness that they receive on property in a short sale after Jan. 1, 2009. Make sure sellers are aware of this.
The second one is at the bottom about if the seller refinanced.
Below is the law:


orange county: How is the Market doing in Your Area? - 03/09/09 09:05 AM
Just did a check on how the market in my area is doing. I work out of Mission Viejo, CA Population is over 95,000
Total Active on the market
       2/8/09- - 216 detached houses.               3/8/09- - 214 detached houses.
Short Sale Active
       2/8/09- -75 out of 216                             3/8/09- - 75 out of 214
REO Active
      2/8/09-- 8 out of 216                                3/8/09- - 9 out of 214
In Default Active properties
      2/8/09- - 8 out of 216                               3/8/09- - 6 out of 214
That leaves 125 out of 216 as equity sellers for 2/8/09
March hasn't change much … (0 comments)

orange county: Bottom Prices Holding! - 03/09/09 07:21 AM
We are finding in Orange County that the lower detached homes, priced under $250,000, are being pick up faster than in the last 2 years. Out of almost 7,000 properties available in that price, less than 325 of them are detached. The ones that are priced from $250,000 to $500,000 are the second hottest market with only 27% of them being detached.
There are less properties available with an increase of homes pending. The prices have been stabilizing at bottom price range because of demand for detached homes. It is one of the best indicators that the market, may hold for awhile. … (2 comments)

orange county: What if I HAD to Sell My House! - 03/07/09 02:32 PM
How do I sell my house? What do I do now?
There are things that have to be done before putting the house on the market. Things like cleaning out the garage. Some of you may have an organized garage but the rest of us don't. A buyer goes though a  nice house then opens the door going from the house into the garage and there is so much STUFF, it only has a narrow path way, you lose. The buyers opinion of the house just dropped. They know everything that was in the house is now in the garage.
Fixing and doing repairs … (0 comments)

orange county: Site that Helps Networking in Less Time. - 03/04/09 10:33 AM
I have been doing a lot of reading today. Looking at ways to save time and yet get all my networking done. I came across a site that lets you do one post to many sites. I mean post on Facebook, Linkedin, myspace, Twitter and many more, all from one post. I tried it and it worked! I did my post on this site and it went to all that I wanted it to.
O.K. I'll give it to you  I don't know maybe I am the one who doesn't know and all of you already use something like this. I … (1 comments)

orange county: Short Sale Offer Process Buyers need to Know! - 02/27/09 10:15 AM
Short Sale Offer Process
1. Offer is submitted to short sale lender after being negotiated with seller.  Included in the offer are:
          a.   Purchase agreement
          b.  Pre-approval letter
          c.   Proof of funds to close (if applicable)
         d.   Credit scores
  No offer shall be considered complete without the first three items listed above.
  2. Buyer can wait until acceptance by lender is received to proceed with their appraisal and home inspection.  Contingencies will need to be released 10 days after acceptance.
 3. Lender will accept or decline offer verbally with agent.  This process can take anywhere from 15 to 60 business days.  The lender WILL … (5 comments)

orange county: Knowing the Pit Falls of REOs - 02/27/09 06:36 AM
When selling REO properties you have to be aware and understand the language  plus the terms in the standardized contracts that are used thoughout the nation, such as HUD, Fannie Mae, VAto to mention a few.
Buyers can be charged a per day FEE for any delays in closing that are caused from their side of the transaction. this can be a delay caused by their bank, them or their realtor. It doesn't matter which one of them cause the delay. the fees are usually at or close to $100 a day.
Almost all REOs are sold "AS IS" Meaning no … (4 comments)

orange county: The Benenfits for Foreclosure Neighborhoods! - 02/22/09 08:43 AM
I have been noticing some benefits for the neighborhoods that have foreclosed properties. I know you are asking yourselves, benefits? Yes, properties that were brought with no down, hardly able to make the payments and nothing left over for upkeep, are now being turned around. Not all neighborhoods had this happening but in the lowerest priced detached homes this was true. I am seeing the type of clients buying, that want a home, are looking to stay there and build something for themselves. Some investors a picking up these houses at the auctions and with paint, cleaning, and repairs they help the whole … (2 comments)

orange county: Should You Sell or Stay Put! - 02/20/09 06:55 AM
The news media causes us a lot of stress. They make you believe that if you want to sell your house, you would have to give it away. Or that if your want to buy a house, the sellers should take any offer you give them. This is not true! You have decisions to make and the best thing is to investigate your alternatives.
If you don't have to sell, then don't, stay put and enjoy your home. Give yourself time to let the market turnaround. Having time on your side, is a good thing, take advantage of it. I don't … (0 comments)

orange county: Best Site for Tax Credit Information! - 02/20/09 04:20 AM
I just got this on my FACEBOOK page from Thai Klam and it is one of the best sites I have seem for explaining the TAX CREDIT and answering questions. It is easy reading.

orange county: Agents Are Pricing REOs to Sell! - 02/16/09 09:19 AM
Did some checking comparing the beginning and end of 2008 in regards to REO pricing for Mission Viejo.
Here are some facts on how the REOs (Bank Owned Properties) were priced.
1/1/2008 thru 4/1/2008
Total sold in M.V. 154
Total REO sold 32
When sold only 4 of the REO properties went up in price.
Now lets look at the end of the year!
10/1/2008 thru 1/1/2009
Total sold in M.V. 276
Total REO sold 74
When sold more then half 39 went up in price.
The banks BPO are doing a better job in pricing the properties. There will always be some that … (0 comments)

orange county: Mission Viejo's Canyon Crest Community! - 02/14/09 07:14 AM
Let me introduce you to the prestigious gated Community of Canyon Crest  situated on the hills above Lake Mission Viejo. These homes face toward the west with views from most of the back yards of the lake. On the boundary which is closes to the lake, is a large park with ball parks, toddles play area, walking and bicycling trails
 Included is an outstanding Association Club House with multi million dollars recreational facility, with pools, spa, tennis courts, fully equipped gym and a social hall overlooking a resort like setting with waterfall and lush palm trees. All this … (0 comments)

orange county: Time to Sell! Do You Sell; FSBO or AGENT? You Decide! - 02/12/09 06:43 AM
In this market it is even harder to sell by yourself but that doesn't mean you can't. Do you want to!
When it time comes to sell your house, you have two ways of going about it: selling it yourself or hiring a professional to represent you.
 If you decide to sell it yourself, you will be responsible for all the steps involved. If you choose to deal with a real estate agent, you will have to pay him or her compensation, once the transaction is completed. However, in return, you will benefit from the services of a qualified individual and … (2 comments)

orange county: Congress should set limits on banks bonuses! - 02/09/09 06:35 AM
Just received this and thought if any of you want to add anything to the discussion click on the link below and give you opinion.
Subject: Help stop Wall Street's Greed Hi, Did you hear that Wall Street gave out $18.4 billion in bonuses in 2008? $18.4 billion to the people who crippled our economy with their recklessness and greed and then took $700 billion of our money. Outrageous, right? Well, I just signed a petition urging Congress to put enforceable, common-sense limits on salaries at all the banks taking taxpayer dollars.
Can you join me at the link below? … (1 comments)

orange county: Mallorca On Lake Mission Viejo! - 02/07/09 01:00 PM
Picturesque scenic views of the mountains and lake awaits you at the Mallorca Condominiums. Stacked on the hillside along the west bank of Lake Mission Viejo, it gives you the feel and look of a European village. Small quaint shopping center with one of a kind shops and local restaurants are within walking distance.
Year around Resort-like living is within a 24 hr gate guarded community of Mallorca. It has 2 Association Pools/Spas and its very own PRIVATE SANDY BEACH, for residents only, plus picnic area and boat slips! You also get to enjoy all the Mission Viejo Lake privileges … (0 comments)

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