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I made a typo in one of my craigslist ads the other day.  The title should have been "Oh no, she didn't!" but it was 4:30 in the morning when I posted it and it said "Oh not, she didn't!"  Honest mistake and a typo I make a lot.  It was too early and I didn't catch it.   You see, I type very qui...
I've been working my buyers hard this week.  I've seen a ton of homes.  I've written several offers and sent them off to the listing agent.  I followed the instructions and I followed up with an email to let them know that there was an offer and if they didn't have it let me know.  If you were to...
I have five buyers right now all looking for something similar.  Each buyer has their own little ticklers which makes them a little different from the other, but the MLS search is the same.  I'll look at each new property that goes out to them and think "Oh they won't like this one but Bob and Su...
I actually don't do that much FHA.  Probably about 20% of everything I do.  I always write longer timelines for those, but for the most part my FHA deals have flown right through.  As a matter of fact, so much so, that I had one close in 2008 where I was certain the appraiser would make the bank ...
I don't mind working hard.  As a matter of fact, I prefer it.  The good things in life aren't free and I don't mind doing my time.  However, I HATE unnecessary fire drills.  And hate isn't a strong enough word. I just got an extension on a short sale I was working on.  I've been working this file...
We've all done a short sale with Bank of America right?  Load it in to check it every day for your assigned tasks, upload what they want when they want it and you're off to the races right? Notsofast Bucko! I have one right now that isn't on Equator.  What?  Yes, I called them and the...

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