kitsap county: Understanding the FICO Scoring Model - 04/12/11 08:58 AM
Understanding the FICO Scoring Model
Building good credit is a balancing act. If you have too much debt, then your scores will suffer. If you have no credit then your credit scores will suffer as well. There are 5 factors that determine your overall creditworthiness. Any of these five factors will affect your credit score either positively or negatively.
Your credit report will show all 5 of these factors in what is called a tri-merge report. This report is produced by each of the major national credit bureaus. Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion all use versions of the Fair Isaac Co (FICO) … (2 comments)

kitsap county: The Cost of Doing Nothing About Your Credit - 04/12/11 08:52 AM
How Much Does It Cost You If You Choose To Do Nothing About Your Credit?
The short answer is it will cost you your life; the life you should be living, the life you were meant to live, and the life you need to start living.
Are you living with the emotional cost of bad credit?
     The fear of going without because you are afraid to apply.      The embarrassment of being turned down for a new car, and being told you need to choose from among their used inventory.      The humiliation of trying to purchase new home furnishings … (0 comments)

kitsap county: New "Military & Veteran Home Loan Unit" coming to Silverdale! - 04/12/11 08:44 AM
I am very excited to share BIG news with all of you.  The Legacy Group in Silverdale has launched the "Military and Veteran Home Loan Unit."  This unit is made up of eight experienced loan officers, myself included, all working together to help Military and Veteran families in Kitsap County create security through residential home ownership.
We have decided to team up with the Kitsap Navy News to spread the news about who we are and how we can help military.  Check out this link to their website  If you are interested in receiving the Kitsap Navy News feel free … (0 comments)

kitsap county: Military Resources to Save Money - 01/26/11 05:38 AM
As a disabled veteran and now a loan officer in Kitsap County,  I know how hard it is to stay on top of your finances and be saving in today's economy.   That is the main reason why I became a loan officer, I wanted to help others receive the finances needed and get into the home of their dreams.  Most people are just not aware of the resources available to military personal who need help with their finances.  Here is a list of different sites and organizations that are dedicated to helping those who've served us.  I hope this list is helpful to you and your family … (0 comments)

kitsap county: New Non-Profit That's focused on Kitsap County - 01/25/11 10:59 AM

Have you ever seen someone in need and wanted to help but didn't know how?  I have been in that spot many times before and it wasn't until recently that I decided to do something about it. I started a non-profit organization called feed Kitsap to reach out to the members of the community and bring resources where they are needed most. Feed Kitsap is focused on the people of Kitsap County and is actively seeking ways of improving our community. Our goal is to be a part of providing clothes, food, mobile showers, improving parks and working with today's youth … (0 comments)

kitsap county: Credit Repair Blog 4: Prepare your credit report for a mortgage - 01/25/11 10:09 AM
When reading through my credit repair blogs, please keep in mind that if you have questions about your own situation that you are welcome to contact me. I'd be happy to take a look at your credit report and give you some one on one advice on how to improve your score and lendability.
I'm going to go a little out of order on topics and write about something that's been on my mind: How to prepare your credit report for a mortgage.
If buying or refinancing a home is in your near future (the next 12 mos.) you'll want to … (1 comments)

kitsap county: Credit Repair blog 3: Old vs. New accounts - 01/25/11 10:05 AM
Credit Repair blog 3: Old vs. New accounts
So now you've learned how to get collection accounts paid off and or removed from your credit report. You've also learned the difference between installment and revolving loans and how each influences your score. Well what about the age of your accounts? How does that affect your credit report?
Time is one of the most noteworthy factors that can improve your credit score. Establishing a long history of paying your bills on time and using credit conscientiously will ensure your score stays at a healthy number for the long term. It should go … (0 comments)

kitsap county: Credit Repair Blog 2: Installment Vs. Revolving - 01/25/11 08:30 AM
Have you ever asked yourself what is the difference between a revolving account and an installment account and how does each affect your credit? Well you're not alone I've had many clients as well as friends and family ask me this very question. First, you'll need to know what makes an account revolving and what makes an account installment.
Revolving credit is credit extended to you in the form of a major credit card, department store credit card, and even Home Equity Lines of Credit. The creditor will set a maximum spending amount that you can charge on this card and … (3 comments)

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