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A Blog about real estate and real estate finance by Bob Mitchell who has been in the business since 1984 and who comes at the business from a different angle.



I got a call the other day from a young lady who is relocating to St. Louis from Los Angeles in order to attend medical school here.  It turned out that she knew next to nothing about the St. Louis area and I ended up talking to her for over an hour, telling her about some of the wonderful things...
Wow, now I know how David Chase must have felt....how do I end this?  Does Tony need to bite the big one?;-)  Anyway, if you haven't been tuning in this is the forth in a series about how to repair credit.  I'm writing it with the public as my intended reader, but am also keeping in mind real est...
In the first two posts in this series, Credit Repair 1 and Credit Repair 2, we went over the first steps in a process to repair damaged credit.  These steps were:1)  Find a good loan officer to help you with your project - a referral from a producing real estate agent is a good place to start you...
I just read a post about home sellers being in denial over the fact that the market has changed.  As I was reading it I had to ask myself if that was true about myself.  Was I in denial about the two homes that I currently have on the market?  They both have me perplexed.    The one I've actually...
Alright, so you've made your calls and have talked to a real estate agent who referred you to a competent loan officer who is willing to take you on as a project.  Cool!  Did you get some of their business cards to pass out for them?  If not, call them back up and have them get you some!The secon...
I recently wrote a post on credit repair that was over-whelming in the lack of response that I got.  I wrote a follow up post on the fact that I didn't get any comments on the first post and it was pointed out to me by Broker Bryant that it might have been too long, considering the amount of deta...
In building my real estate practice here in St. Louis, I've been looking at what other real estate professionals across the country are doing with there practices.  In doing so, I came across a team of real estate professionals that are working in the East Contra Costa County CA area, Team Elite....
As part of building my own real estate business here in St. Louis I've been looking at what some of the other real estate professionals across the country are doing in their real estate practices.  I recently came across a lady named Mana Tulberg who is a Camarillo, CA Real Estate Professional wh...
In my experience there are two types of people with bad credit: (1) people who never learned to deal with credit effectively and (2) people who had something that happened to them that caused them to fall down financially.Sometimes it's difficult to tell the difference because once you fall down,...
I've always been a bit of a history buff.  Not the kind who revels in the details or the dates, but rather the kind that feels a certain sense of awe looking at an old house or tree and realizing that it stood during a time before ours.  I felt this sense of awe the other day when I was visiting ...

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