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A Blog about real estate and real estate finance by Bob Mitchell who has been in the business since 1984 and who comes at the business from a different angle.



In my writings here on AR and elsewhere I tend to rely on economic analysis quite a bit.  And while I understand why some people's eyes will glass over when I start talking about supply curves and equilibrium points and such, I do feel that looking at our businesses, our industry and the economy ...
As is sometimes the case here on AR, I'll read a posting and it will inspire me to write a post of my own on that or on a related topic.  This is the case here.  I just read a post about being careful with what you say to your buyers regarding real estate as an investment.  It's not that I disagr...
As many of you know, back in September I bought a fix er upper home and ended up moving into it before it was done.  I also experienced the loss of my mother after an extended illness.  One of the casualties of being so busy was that my elliptical machine and dumb bells pretty much forgot who I w...
This is a continuation of my post, Why Housing Is Too Important To Do Nothing II.  Please click on the link to read it first, if you haven't already done so. So, as you would if your doctor told you that you have an infection in your heart, we as a country have a choice to make.  We can treat it ...
Yesterday I wrote a blog called, "Home Ownership Is Too Important To Do Nothing" where I outlined some of my thoughts on the current housing and mortgage banking mess.  Today I'd like to expand on why I feel that those who say that we should simply wait for the markets to correct themselves are, ...
Much has been written about who should bear the blame for the current real estate and mortgage crises.  Some have levied blame at the borrowers while others have levied blame at unscrupulous mortgage brokers.I  for one have levied most of the blame on the big Wall Street Investment houses that bu...
I'll be honest, I love blogging.  It's fun, it has SEO advantages and it gives me a forum to get stuff off of my chest.  The one thing that it doesn't do for me (yet) is get my message out to a bunch of people.  If my web site is the equivalent to having a bill board in the middle of a corn field...
A few days ago I wrote a post where I asked if people thought that the media plays a story straight.  The over whelming response was, "No, the media does not play it straight with the public."Frankly, I wasn't surprised.  I had seen a perfect example of how the media plays things when my father p...
Over the last couple of weeks I've had the opportunity to talk with several people who are in no way connected with the St Louis real estate market or the St Louis mortgage markets.  These were everyday people, one guy worked for the phone company.  Another lady works as a recruiter for a local c...
The reason that I ask this question is that I've been following HR3915 fairly closely as it went through the House Financial Services Committee and have read up fairly well on how this whole sub-prime mortgage fiasco has come about.  In following this bill and reading up on this mess, I've done q...

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