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A Blog about real estate and real estate finance by Bob Mitchell who has been in the business since 1984 and who comes at the business from a different angle.



A lot of folks outside of the St. Louis region don't realize that St. Louis is home to the country's 2nd largest Mardi Grau celebration.  What originally started out as a group of friends walking from one of their homes to a bar has now grown into a neighborhood wide celebration that brings tens ...
Today I came across several posts that spoke very enthusiastically about the fed rate cuts and the stimulus package that the Politicos in Washington DC are working on right now.  And while I can understand people who work in an industry that has been beaten up as badly as the real estate and mort...
A while back when the house was debating HR 3915 - The Anti Predatory Lending Bill, I had the pleasure of talking with one of the guys who was doing the grunt work on this bill for my congressman, Lacy Clay.  In that conversation he told me that lending had gotten way out of hand and that too man...
With the Superbowl coming up it's natural that people will start talking about the various ads that you'll see running during the game.  I imagine that there are probably as many people who tune in to see the ads as actually watch the game.  This got me to thinking about some of my favorite adver...
As the title suggests, this post should put me over the century mark here on AR.  When I looked up and noticed this, I thought about what a suitable topic would be for it and decided that the best thing would be to reflect on the good, the bad and the ugly of my experiences here on Active Rain.In...
This morning as I was driving across town I had my radio tuned into my local NPR affiliate when a local show called, "St. Louis On The Air"  came on.  It's a call in talk show and the today's topic was, "Diversity In The Workplace".  It turned out that the guests were all associated with a progra...
In our roles as real estate agents many times we are called upon to serve our customers in other ways.  Sometimes we're something of a financial planner.  Sometimes we serve as an interior decorator.  Sometimes we're even marriage counselors. We wear many hats and play many roles.  Two of the mos...
The honest truth of the matter is that the US economy is in a world of hurt.  The fiscal policies of the last 7 years have painted the Fed into a corner.  If they cut interest rates, the dollar is in danger of tanking.  If the dollar tanks, inflation is likely to raise it's ugly head.  If they do...
This post is the follow up to my post, "Take Two Fed Cuts And Call Me In The Morning" where I compared the Bush administration's economic policies to those of college students with their first charge cards.  In it, I painted a dire economic picture that I feel accurately reflects the current stat...
If you watch the talking heads on the various business/news shows on a regular basis, you might have noticed that they change their tune to fit whatever the realities of the day are.  A couple of years ago when the economy was slowing they would say that housing was keeping the economy afloat.Whe...

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