housing values: Wall Street And The Banks Made Bad Decisions, Shouldn't They Be Held Accountable? - 03/20/08 03:01 AM
Every time the Fed cuts the discount rate I choruses of cheers.  I can almost guarantee you that within an hour of the announcement that there will be a post here on AR supporting the decision in the hope that "this cut" will be the one that brings the credit (and therefore the housing ) markets back.
Yet none of the cuts so far have been able to accomplish this.  Why do you think that this is?
If you watch the financial news networks you've probably heard them referring to "Pushing On A String".  That is that the fed is pushing, but that … (4 comments)

housing values: You Heard It Here On AR First! - 03/03/08 05:42 AM
Have you ever went swimming in cold water?  At first you dip your big toe in the water to see how cold it is.  Then you walk in to just below your waist...... Man!  This is cold!.....Finally, you take the plunge!  You throw caution to the wind and fully submerse yourself.  After a couple of minutes, you're used to the water and have a great time!
This reminds me of how our government has approached the crises in the housing and credit markets.  At first all they did was dip their big toe in the water.  That is, they didn't do much!  … (0 comments)

housing values: Why Housing Is Too Important To Do Nothing II (continued) - 11/27/07 05:02 AM
This is a continuation of my post, Why Housing Is Too Important To Do Nothing II.  Please click on the link to read it first, if you haven't already done so. 
So, as you would if your doctor told you that you have an infection in your heart, we as a country have a choice to make.  We can treat it or not.  It's that simple.
If we don't treat it, housing values will continue to drop.  Billions, if not trillions of dollars in home equity (the largest single source of wealth in the country, by the way) will evaporate.  Builders will stop … (5 comments)

housing values: Why Housing Is Too Important To Do Nothing II - 11/27/07 03:51 AM
Yesterday I wrote a blog called, "Home Ownership Is Too Important To Do Nothing" where I outlined some of my thoughts on the current housing and mortgage banking mess.  Today I'd like to expand on why I feel that those who say that we should simply wait for the markets to correct themselves are, if not wrong, then at least asking for some unnecessary pain for our whole economy.  In order to not run too long, I've broken this post into two posts. 
NOTE:  Please bear with the econ lesson here, but I felt that it was necessary background in order … (3 comments)

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