rbbob mitchell: You Don't Always Get What You Want, But If You Try Sometimes - 05/13/07 04:58 AM
I read a two posts today that were about totally different topics, but who if you think about it, were really about the same thing.  The first post which I can't find to link to was about an agent who was having trouble getting potential buyers to sign a buyer's agency agreement with her and the second one was about Radical Professionalism.  
In my comment to the lady's post I mentioned my method of working with new buyers and how I tell them that I will show them property for two days without them agreeing to be loyal to me.  I … (6 comments)

rbbob mitchell: St. Louis Realtor Looking For Critics - 05/05/07 10:18 AM
Looking for critics?  Being a discounter, don't I have enough of them now?  Well, that's probably true, but I'm looking for a different kind of critic.  I've been working on my web site valuelistre.com for about six weeks or so and have pretty much completely redid it.  I"m not done yet, but it's far enough along to where I'd be interested in finding out what others think about it.
What started this process was finding Active Rain and reading your posts on SEO and looking at some of your web sites and realizing how lame my site was.  Basically valuelistre.com was your … (5 comments)

rbbob mitchell: The Secret Of Owning Your Own Real Estate Company - 04/26/07 05:28 AM
Last year one of my top producing agents decided to venture out on her own and I'll have to admit, my feelings were a bit hurt.  I had brought her into the business, taught her to bird dog, out right handed her clients in order to get started and generally took very good care of her.  
But if she wanted to go out on her own, I could do nothing but wish her the best.  Over the years I have brought a fair number of people into the business and nurtured them only to see their perspective go from appreciation of … (4 comments)

rbbob mitchell: St. Louis Realtor Learns To Take A Pause! - 04/25/07 01:58 PM
A few weeks ago I wrote a post on dealing with distractions.  At the time I had just tore my website apart and was basically redoing it.  The number of leads coming in the door dropped dramatically and I was freaking out a bit.  I complained about my buddy who called me to help him get his car into the shop and my daughter calling in the middle of the day to chit chat.  I was of the mind set that they wouldn't have done this if I had a "Regular" job.  
Which is probably true.  That said, I have a … (1 comments)

rbbob mitchell: Realtor - Client Relationships Are A Two Way Street - 04/21/07 06:21 AM
I just read a post, Take A Client For Granted about an agent who was busy with other business and couldn't get to show a valued customer a particular house.  The agent attempted to call and left a message telling the client that he would not be available until the next morning to show the house to him.
The next morning he called the client to show the house and the client informed him that he had gone ahead and set up a showing with another Realtor.  The apparent point of the post was that he, the agent, had screwed up and … (0 comments)

rbbob mitchell: Realtor - St. Louis optimizes their website II - 04/14/07 04:07 PM
SRRRRRRRCCCCCCHHHHH!!  That's the sound of screaming breaks as I slam on them in regards to my SEO.  My last post (http://activerain.com/blogsview/72206/Realtor-St-Louis-optimizes)on this topic talked about what I was doing to get my web site to show up on the search engines.  On it I complained that it was hard not to get confused with contrasting information from different sources.
Well, after spending hours working on linking my site to other sites and exchanging reciprocal links (a SEO approach that was recommended by several people) I found out from some other very reputable people that not only will it not help, that it … (0 comments)

rbbob mitchell: What If You Don't Belong To Any Specific Group? Who Do You Market To? - 03/29/07 05:29 AM
 Who Do You Market To When You Don't Belong To Any One Group!
I've been reading through some of the profiles here on Activerain and I've noticed something.  Actually, I've noticed it before, but didn't give it a whole bunch of thought until now.  The thing that I've noticed is that I don't belong to any specific group that I can market to.
Here in St. Louis there are Realtors who are Gay and who market to the Gay community or Bosnian Agents who market primarily to Bosnians.  I haven't bounced into her lately, but there is also a deaf agent … (3 comments)

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