st louis real estate: Relocating To St. Louis - Can you afford not to? - 06/24/08 08:31 AM
This morning, while I was reading various blogs, I came across a post that Stewart Penn wrote called, "How Far Will My Salary Go In Another City" and it got me to thinking, "Why do people continue to live in these high cost cities?"
I'm sure that the number one answer to this question would be that most people have established roots in these cities.  Or maybe they feel that the amenities that these cities have to offer are worth the extra money that it costs to live there.  I'm also sure that there are people who have to live in … (18 comments)

st louis real estate: "Help, I've Fallen And I Can't Get Up!" - Rebuilding Credit After A Bankruptcy - 06/12/08 07:08 AM
"Help!  I've fallen and I can't get up!"  While better known from the Lifealert commercials, it's also something that folks who for one reason or the other have had to declare bankruptcy know a little something about.
The reasons that a person declares bankruptcy are varied and can include a nasty divorce, a job loss, illness, bad planning, poor decision making, as well as probably almost as many reasons as there are people who file for protection from their creditors.
Some of the situations were probably avoidable whereas some probably were not.  For the purposes of this discussion, it really doesn't … (45 comments)

st louis real estate: St. Louis Real Estate Market Conditions - 06/10/08 08:17 AM
Are you thinking about buying a home or possibly selling one and are curious about what exactly is really going on in the St. Louis real estate market?
If you turn on the television, it's hard to judge.  According to the national media, it's still all doom and gloom (though houses under contract did go up this past month unexpectedly).  The local media is mixed.  One story will be optimistic and upbeat, then the next will make it sound like everybody is getting foreclosed upon!
So, what's real? 
It's hard to say.  While there are a lot of homes that have … (2 comments)

st louis real estate: Do You See A "For Sale" Sign In Front Of Warren Buffet's House? - 02/05/08 04:41 AM
(Imagine This Is A Television Commercial Done In The Style Of A Typical Car Dealer Commercial) Attention All Renters!  Now, for a limited time, we've got excess inventory and EVERYTHINGS GOT TO GO!
No reasonable offer will be refused!  $500.00 down and you drive away with a NEW HOME!  Plenty to choose from!
Bad credit (well, okay...that won't work anymore unless you've got quite a bit to put down), but no credit is still okay! (as long as you've got four lines of SOMETHING that you've been paying on for a while).
Unlike most of these types of commercials which are a bunch of … (3 comments)

st louis real estate: The Forecast Calls For Pain - 12/17/07 08:32 AM
This past weekend I drove up to Columbus Ohio in order to help my daughter move her things back to St. Louis after having graduated from "The" Ohio State University and as the Robert Cray song said, "The Forecast Called For Pain!".
The Weather Service was predicting a winterly mix along Interstate 70.  The storm was supposed to arrive here in St. Louis during the evening hours, so Kathy and I decided to get a jump on it by leaving as soon as she got off  work.  So, I got the truck ready, picked up the Uhaul and we hit the road … (5 comments)

st louis real estate: Does An Agent Have A Right To Have A Personal Life? - 12/12/07 02:06 AM
I just read a post where an agent was asking if he should file a complaint against an agent who had not presented an offer on a property over a weekend.  It turned out that the listing agent was hunting and wouldn't be back to his office until Monday morning to present the offer. 
Long story short, Monday came and the seller accepted a counter offer on a contract that had already been working and rejected this agents offer.  The agent was pissed that his offer had not been presented over the weekend.  
My response to this fellow's post was that the listing … (14 comments)

st louis real estate: Don't Let The Perfect Be The Enemy Of The Good - 12/03/07 02:35 AM
A few days ago I wrote a blog on setting up my workout room.  In that posting I mentioned how I had gone through all the trouble of setting up my workout room only to find out that the ceiling was too low for me to use the elliptical machine.  If you've ever set up or moved a workout room, you know what a workout it is!  
So, it was a bummer having to tear it back down and to set it up in an unfinished portion of my basement.  After I got everything moved and setup I was less than impressed … (2 comments)

st louis real estate: Old ideas sometimes die hard! - 08/22/07 04:39 AM
Some ideas die hard.  I ran into the former boyfriend of a friend's daughter the other night in the Sam's store and he mentioned that he was thinking about wanting to buy a home.  In talking to him a bit more it came up that he was under the impression that he had to have 20% to put down on a home in order to buy a home.
This young man has good credit, a solid work history and has been putting 30% of his after tax paycheck aside in order to buy and he was surprised when I told him that … (4 comments)

st louis real estate: Calling All Buyers! - 07/10/07 08:37 AM
It's understandable....not wanting to buy in a declining market.  Why should I buy today when the price might drop tomorrow?  I definately understand this sentiment.  It crossed my mind the other day when I was looking at property for myself.
But should this line of reasoning be enough to keep you out of the market right now?  I can tell you that for myself, my need for housing closer to where my girlfriend's new job is more important to me than the fact that I might not be buying at the very bottom of the market.  For one, it's damn near impossible … (0 comments)

st louis real estate: Turn About Is Fair Play! - 07/09/07 05:57 AM
My girlfriend and I just got an offer on a home that she owns that was $18,000 less than what we had "sold" it for last August to a buyer who wasn't able to get a security clearance for her new job and that killed the deal.  I also have a home on the market in another part of town where the comps say that I should be able to get in the mid 160's.  It's on the market at $149,900 and it's sitting there.
Well, Kathy's new job is on the complete other end of St. Louis and it's taking her … (7 comments)

st louis real estate: I Don't Want To Reduce My Price Any Further! - 06/25/07 07:28 AM
I just read a post about home sellers being in denial over the fact that the market has changed.  As I was reading it I had to ask myself if that was true about myself.  Was I in denial about the two homes that I currently have on the market? 
They both have me perplexed.    The one I've actually sold twice in the high $170's, though neither buyer was able to finish the transaction.  We currently have it on the market $15,000 less than that.  The other is priced $5,000 dollars below everything else in our area and about $10,000 … (24 comments)

st louis real estate: Buying In St. Louis Vs. Renting In St. Louis - 05/25/07 04:23 AM
Rent vs buy?  Which one is better for you.  When considering buying St. Louis real estate, you need to take into account six considerations.1) How long do I plan on living in the St. Louis area?
2) How secure is my employment and/or income?
3) How's my credit?
4) What is my current tax situation?
5) Is my domestic situation likely to change anytime soon?
6) Am I ready for the responsibilities of ownership?Notice that I didn't ask how much money you had saved up.  The reason that I didn't ask that question is because other than number 6 above, being ready for the responsibilities of … (1 comments)

st louis real estate: Oakville MO Home - 4251 Martyridge Drive - 05/16/07 07:02 AM
Oakville, MO Home
4251 Martyridge Drive is a complete rehab of a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in Oakville, MO for less than $155,000!  I challenge you to find a better deal in Oakville MO! 
This home features:
*  New Mohawk Brand Carpet 
*  Pergo Rustic Red Oak Flooring in the kitchen
*  Opened up floor plan
*  Fresh Paint
*  Six panel doors
*  French doors on the finished walkout lower level that backs to common ground
*  New 220 amp electric service
*  1 car garage
*  Updated kitchen
*  Updated baths with ceramic tile floors and top of the line fixtures.
*  Attic Fan
*  Maintenance free exterior with vinyl siding … (0 comments)

st louis real estate: 10 Reasons Leslie Stahl Might Have Been Right! - 05/15/07 06:04 AM
Apparently from the posts that I've read today there was a  60 minutes segment aired the other day that has a lot of agents in a tizzy.  I can't really speak to the segment itself because I haven't seen it, but I can speak to the issue of discount real estate companies in general because I own one the country's oldest ones.
I started ValueList in 1995 as a St. Louis discount real estate company.  The reason that I developed my concept was because of my experience at a mid-sized mortgage company that I worked at.  Part of my job was to … (5 comments)

st louis real estate: Another Call Out For Folks Interested In Exchanging Links - 05/12/07 05:12 AM
If you've been following Karen Georges Great Link Experiment you'll know that of the 21 participants in her experiment that 12 have recognized some significant improvements in their search engine rankings.  Some of them have some basic flaws on their pages that need to be corrected and there are a few mysteries.  Still, 12 out of 21 is enough to show me the power of linking.
Last week I wrote a post on here asking for linking partners and got a big ZERO in response.  To say that I was disappointed would be an understatement.  NOBODY wants to link to me?  I … (3 comments)

st louis real estate: St. Louis Realtor Looking For Critics - 05/05/07 10:18 AM
Looking for critics?  Being a discounter, don't I have enough of them now?  Well, that's probably true, but I'm looking for a different kind of critic.  I've been working on my web site for about six weeks or so and have pretty much completely redid it.  I"m not done yet, but it's far enough along to where I'd be interested in finding out what others think about it.
What started this process was finding Active Rain and reading your posts on SEO and looking at some of your web sites and realizing how lame my site was.  Basically was your … (5 comments)

st louis real estate: Realtor - St. Louis optimizes their website II - 04/14/07 04:07 PM
SRRRRRRRCCCCCCHHHHH!!  That's the sound of screaming breaks as I slam on them in regards to my SEO.  My last post ( this topic talked about what I was doing to get my web site to show up on the search engines.  On it I complained that it was hard not to get confused with contrasting information from different sources.
Well, after spending hours working on linking my site to other sites and exchanging reciprocal links (a SEO approach that was recommended by several people) I found out from some other very reputable people that not only will it not help, that it … (0 comments)

st louis real estate: Realtor - St. Louis optimizes their website - 04/08/07 02:58 PM
Recently I started working on getting my website geared up to be more than just an electronic brochure.  In that process I started reading a lot about website optimization.  That is, getting your website to turn up higher in the results when people search for it on the web using a search engine such as, MSN or Google.  The one thing that I can tell you is that it's damn confusing.  Nobody truely seems to know what the rules are and every once in while, the search engines change the rules without telling anybody.Anyway, there are other sources on the … (11 comments)

st louis real estate: To Advertise Or Not To Advertise That Is The Question. - 04/02/07 02:50 PM
As I'm writing this post I'm looking up at a photograph of a Bi-State Bus (the St. Louis area's local bus company) that has a giant banner on the side of it with my company's logo.  I actually had two buses that were supposed to travel a certain route (though an area of St. Louis real estate that I was focusing on).  I honestly don't remember how much that ad campaign cost me, but I do remember how many calls I got off of it.  That answer is ZERO!
The same thing when I advertised on the two St. Louis radio stations.  … (0 comments)

st louis real estate: What If You Don't Belong To Any Specific Group? Who Do You Market To? - 03/29/07 05:29 AM
 Who Do You Market To When You Don't Belong To Any One Group!
I've been reading through some of the profiles here on Activerain and I've noticed something.  Actually, I've noticed it before, but didn't give it a whole bunch of thought until now.  The thing that I've noticed is that I don't belong to any specific group that I can market to.
Here in St. Louis there are Realtors who are Gay and who market to the Gay community or Bosnian Agents who market primarily to Bosnians.  I haven't bounced into her lately, but there is also a deaf agent … (3 comments)

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