localism: Bowl For Kid's Sake - Big Brothers Big Sisters - Westmoreland & Fayette Counties PA - 05/04/11 01:26 PM
Bowl For Kid's Sake - Big Brothers Big Sisters - Westmoreland and Fayette Counties in Pennsylvania.
There aren't too many organizations that are more worthy and better suited to achieve critical social objectives than Big Brothers Big Sisters.  Around the country, but on a very local level this organization reaches down to young folks who just need someone to relate to on a regular basis.  Local volunteers, local folks, make all the difference in the world to young people in need.
Bowl For Kid's Sake is a long-standing and wonderful tradition that deserves recognition in all our American communities.  Here in … (2 comments)

localism: Tell Me What My Home Is Worth! No Don't, I Don't Want To Know! OK, Give It To Me Straight! I Think! - 05/01/11 11:06 AM
Tell me what my home is worth!  No don't, I don't want to know!  OK, give it to me straight!  I think!
It is the age old question all sellers need to know - really deep down, at the bottom of their pocketbooks.  It is also the answer they may fear the most.  We may answer it in many ways.  But the most important thing we do is to be honest in what we say.  Whether our answer is liked or not, it simply must be honest.  It must also be gentle.
They raised a family there.  Family traditions and celebrations.  … (2 comments)

localism: Groundhogs, Geese & Dogs - 02/13/11 12:22 AM
The homespun wisdom says Spring is round the corner.  Punxatawny Phil saw no shadow!  Large flocks of geese are seen daily headed north. My dog Keoni - an Alaskan sled dog - started shedding on Friday.  I saw the first "daddy long legs" creeping along the porch railing.  Shrinkage in the piles of snow is keeping ahead of the occasional overnight re-supply.  Days are growing longer.
Local businesses seem to be picking up.  Restaurants are getting crowded again - even without the Valentine rush.  Stores are showing spring and summer merchandise.
Closer to our business, buyers are stirring with greater intensity … (4 comments)


localism: Beauty IS Only Skin Deep - 01/28/11 02:16 AM
In a perfect world a seller takes care of both beautifcation and nuts & bolts issues when preparing a home for market.  The world is not perfect as we all know too well.
There is always a trade-off.  Do we update the kitchen with granite, tile and stainless, and maybe re-paint those chartreuse walls and lay new carpet; or do we put in that bigger electric service, install the french drains to fix the damp basement, and repair the leaky roof or re-point the smokey chimney.  And so it goes.
There is much to be said for investing in making your home more beautiful … (6 comments)

localism: Gators In The Tub, Screeching Birds & Barking Dogs - A Landlord's Dream Come True! - 01/25/11 01:07 AM
We all love our pets.  They are perfect!  How could anyone not love little "Fluffy"?  She's never had an accident!  I will tell you who doesn't like little "Fluffy" - a large cross section of Landlords, that's who.  Actually "Fluffy" in this case was a baby alligator kept mostly in a bathtub.  Fortunately "Fluffy" found a new home at a Zoo (not a petting Zoo!)  True story.
It is interesting that, at a time when more and more hotels and motels are becoming "Pet Friendly", and aggressively marketing the fact, Landlords are becoming increasingly reluctant to permit them at all.  I … (7 comments)

localism: Hempfield Township - Westmoreland County, PA - Real Estate Year In Review - 01/21/11 02:30 AM
Westmoreland County PA - Hempfield Township - 2010 Summary Real Estate Year In Review
The year in review for real estate activity in Hempfield Township, Westmoreland County PA, shows some interesting data that is just a bit counter-intuitive.
There were fewer homes sold in 2010, in all price segments, in Hempfield Township than in any of the last four years.  As with Westmoreland County as a whole, the decline has moderated from nearly double digits to just over 5% in 2010.
Also consistent with Westmoreland County as a whole, the two lower priced segments (82% of all sales in 2010) hit … (0 comments)

localism: Westmoreland County PA - 2010 Summary Real Estate Data - 01/12/11 02:02 AM
The year in review for real estate activity in Westmoreland County PA shows some interesting data that largely confirms what many feel intuitively.
In Westmoreland County as a whole, 2010 saw the fewest home sales overall in the last 4 years.   2010 sales of 2566 homes were over 16% below the pace of 2007.  However, the pace of the decline has slowed considerably with 2010 down just under 4% from 2009. 
Interestingly the Westmoreland County market for homes under $150,000 (64% of all sales in 2010) hit its low-point in 2010 whereas, except for the most expensive market, the low-points in … (1 comments)

localism: Cultural Diversions & The Gridiron in Pittsburgh - 01/09/11 01:22 AM
As we in "the Burgh" get ready for our beloved Stillers to begin the quest for another Super Bowl ring we can actually add some great cultural events to the week's activities.  Don't let it be said that a love for the Gridiron can't mix with a little music, theater and museum time!
If you haven't gotten there yet, today is the last day for Vatican Splendors: A Journey Through Faith and Art at the Heinz History Center.  An extra-ordinary and moving display of art and Christian relics this will be transitioning to Ft. Lauderdale in the weeks ahead.
For those … (6 comments)

localism: Ebb & Flow - 01/08/11 01:28 AM
I am ever more convinced that this real estate business bears a remarkable similarity to my prior life as a restauranteur and hotelier.  Both require absurd hours of focused work to be successful and both are subject to a righteously fickle public.
But perhaps the most remarkably similar characteristic is that both are characterized by the need to be endlessly adaptable to the ebb and flow of circumstance, market realities (real or invented) and public perception.  And both are held to, and rightly judged by, adherence to high ethical standards.
You are only as good as your last triumph - whether it … (9 comments)

localism: 266 Pine, Salem Twp PA, Holiday Open House 12/12 From 1 To 4 - 12/10/10 05:53 AM

localism: Will There Be A Well In My Front Yard - Part 3 - Pooled Rights - 12/07/10 08:33 PM
So you've determined that the land you are buying for that dream estate does indeed include the rights to subsurface gas, existing wells, future wells, and of course those helpful royalties.
But wait - someone has now said the rights & royalties are part of a "pooled" or "unitized" arrangement that was set up 35 years ago!  What does that mean?
In terms of royalties, and in pure, and oversimplified, layman's terms these types of arrangements often provide for an equitable sharing of royalties amongst all the "joined" units making up the tract of land on which drilling and production will take place.
Again, in an … (4 comments)

localism: Treasures From The Past Make Special Holiday Memories - 12/05/10 01:39 PM
As the folks cram the malls and strip shopping plazas, tussling over the latest and greatest technogeek goodies, the most human-like dolls and figures, the currently cool video games and the finest of clothing, sports gear, cooking appliances and Lord knows what else, there is a quieter, simpler path.
There are treasures to be found for the sensitive and caring shopper who might be looking for something just a bit different, perhaps more thoughtful, more personal.  It probably isn't the place to be looking for a gift for the teenager, or the internet guru all families seem to have.
Consider an institution … (0 comments)

localism: It's Blowin & Snowin But We Are OPEN! - 12/05/10 03:44 AM
Winter is throwing its early blanket of grim gray skies, sheets of snow squalls, and tricky driving conditions at us.  Holiday shopping traffic, already nuts, is all the more threatening as a result.  BUT we are doing Open Houses in the midst of it!
Why you may say.  I know there is an ongoing debate amongst Agents here on Active Rain and elsewhere, and amongst our clients as well.  But the simple truth is that an occasional, well marketed Open House, will indeed generate some traffic. 
OK - all the other stars need to be aligned as well - the house … (5 comments)

localism: Will There Be A Well In My Front Yard - Part 2 - 11/30/10 11:51 PM
Natural gas wells, both conventional and unconventional (e.g.Marcellus Shale) are a matter of interest and concern to both sellers and buyers of property in many areas of the US.  Here in Western PA the public interest in such things has been peaking as more and more Marcellus well sites are leased and drilling sites are put into operation.
If you are a buyer of property in either an develpment plan, or in an urban area, the concerns are basically moot.  But if you are looking to buy a few acres for that private estate of your dreams, the concerns may very … (0 comments)

localism: Childrens Hospital Fund Raiser Success - Greensburg PA - 11/17/10 02:02 PM
Two weeks ago I posted a Blog about our fund raiser for Pittsburg Childrens Hospital at the Palace Theater in Greensburg, PA for tonight.
Well I want to thank the 200+ folks who came out to make it the biggest Chow Chow event in our history!  We were able to surpass our prior events by a substantial margin and KUDOS to all the Agents, Friends and Supporters who contributed to the event.
Howard Hanna Real Estate Services has now raised over $7 million for the benefit of children around our region, our country and our world.  What a wonderful gift to … (0 comments)

localism: Children's Hospital Free Care Fund Raiser - 11/08/10 11:59 PM
We are blessed in our region to have access to the world-renowned UPMC Children's Hospital to care for our children in medical crisis.  But the families of many children, both here and afar, often do not have the medical insurance or resources to take advantage of this incredible institution.  The Hospital's Free Care Fund is a primary source of assistance for these families.
Each year our company, Howard Hanna Real Estate Services, and Howard Hanna Agents and Offices throughout Western PA devote incredible energy, talent, time and personal resources in developing and holding fund raising events in each of our local communities.
Howard … (0 comments)

localism: 111 Stoneybrook, Valehurst, Hempfield Twp, Greensburg, PA - 11/03/10 04:02 AM

localism: Bump The Price - We Need Room To Negotiate! - 11/01/10 02:04 AM
It is a variation on the self-fulfilling prophecy. 
Buyers ASSUME the price is merely a target, an inflated number not based on any accurate analysis of supply, demand, value or desirablity.  Sellers too have their own opinions as to the value of their home - often based upon EMOTION versus the market analysis that should tell the real tale.  And besides, they tell their agent, or their agent tells them, we will have to negotiate so we'd better raise the price.
After many years in the hotel industry prior to entering real estate I see some of the same patterns of artificial price inflation.  Despite … (4 comments)

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