westmoreland county: Pepperwood Grill's Grand ReOpening in Greensburg, PA! - 07/29/11 08:06 AM
Pepperwood Grill's Grand ReOpening in Greensburg,PA takes place tonight!
Decisions, decisions.  There are so many wonderful options for us here in central Westmoreland County to enjoy fine foods, great wines, and fun entertainment.  And of course on every Friday night during the summer we are treated to Summersounds Concerts In The Park at St. Clair Park in Greensburg.  Tonight the Concert features Hayes Carll as he brings his colorful brand of character-driven Texas country to Western PA.  A good place to be - in the shade on the hillside, drinking in the scenes and sounds.  Bring you friends, your family and your dogs.  Chill out with … (3 comments)

westmoreland county: Stunning 5-Bedroom Renovation - Wendover, Hempfield Twp, Greensburg, PA / OPEN HOUSE 1-4 JULY 17 - 07/17/11 06:20 AM

westmoreland county: Bowl For Kid's Sake - Big Brothers Big Sisters - Westmoreland & Fayette Counties PA - 05/04/11 01:26 PM
Bowl For Kid's Sake - Big Brothers Big Sisters - Westmoreland and Fayette Counties in Pennsylvania.
There aren't too many organizations that are more worthy and better suited to achieve critical social objectives than Big Brothers Big Sisters.  Around the country, but on a very local level this organization reaches down to young folks who just need someone to relate to on a regular basis.  Local volunteers, local folks, make all the difference in the world to young people in need.
Bowl For Kid's Sake is a long-standing and wonderful tradition that deserves recognition in all our American communities.  Here in … (2 comments)

westmoreland county: 2011 1st Quarter Real Estate Market Activity- Westmoreland County PA - 04/15/11 02:19 AM
2011 1st Quarter Real Estate Market Activity - Westmoreland County PA
An odd thing happened on the way to writing this post.  My research gave some puzzling results that had me going back to the data to verify carefully.  But indeed it is true.
The disheartening news is that overall in Westmoreland County PA the first Quarter of 2011 saw fewer homes newly listed (down over 7%), fewer homes moved to "sale pending" status (down over 26%) and fewer homes actually sold (down over 9%) than in the first Quarter of 2010.  At the same time, the total number of homes actively for sale … (0 comments)

westmoreland county: First Day As Site Agent - Lindwood Crest, Hempfield Twp, Greensburg PA - 02/19/11 12:35 AM
After much soul searching and evaluation of my available time I applied for, and accepted an offer from Howard Hanna to become the 3rd member of the sales team at Lindwood Crest, a 55+ community of lovely patio homes in Greensburg, PA, adjacent to Hannastown Golf Club.
This weekend, today and Sunday from 12 to 5 will be my first solo onsite and I am greatly looking forward to it.  The homes are well-built and fairly priced - a fine value for the money for those seniors (such as myself I might add) looking to downsize and break the bonds tying them to mowers, snow-blowers, chain saws and the … (6 comments)

westmoreland county: Come Home To Elm Street - First Timers Opportunity! - 02/16/11 09:49 AM

westmoreland county: Groundhogs, Geese & Dogs - 02/13/11 12:22 AM
The homespun wisdom says Spring is round the corner.  Punxatawny Phil saw no shadow!  Large flocks of geese are seen daily headed north. My dog Keoni - an Alaskan sled dog - started shedding on Friday.  I saw the first "daddy long legs" creeping along the porch railing.  Shrinkage in the piles of snow is keeping ahead of the occasional overnight re-supply.  Days are growing longer.
Local businesses seem to be picking up.  Restaurants are getting crowded again - even without the Valentine rush.  Stores are showing spring and summer merchandise.
Closer to our business, buyers are stirring with greater intensity … (4 comments)

westmoreland county: Estimate of Closing Costs - 02/08/11 12:22 PM
Dear Vance, 
An accounting client of mine asked me how much closing costs she should expect when she sells her house.  Does you have something that would indicate to a seller how much closing costs to expect?  Thanks! MM
Dear MM,
I am going to forward a "Net Sheet Analysis" we use with our clients to detail for them what to expect.  It is a spreadsheet they can work on to quickly get a pretty close approximation of closing costs and what their net expense looks like.
Other than the commission itself, the largest item is typically the Transfer Tax which is shared equally between … (2 comments)

westmoreland county: Bamboozled By The Weather - 02/02/11 10:24 AM
Like most of us across 2/3 of the US I went to bed last night fearing the onslaught of the storm that forecasters were calling the worst in decades.  Being firmly within the band of ice shown on all the weather maps I expected awakening to my porch doors being frozen shut solidly.
So I open my eyes bright and early today and venture forth, coffee in hand to survey the damage.  Imagine my consternation at bright, clear, star-filled skies and a temperature in the upper 40's?!  By 9AM the sun burned fiercely bright, heralding a lovely day?!  By 10AM the temperatures had broached … (3 comments)


westmoreland county: A Move-in Ready Cottage For The First Timer! - 01/28/11 03:41 AM

westmoreland county: Beauty IS Only Skin Deep - 01/28/11 02:16 AM
In a perfect world a seller takes care of both beautifcation and nuts & bolts issues when preparing a home for market.  The world is not perfect as we all know too well.
There is always a trade-off.  Do we update the kitchen with granite, tile and stainless, and maybe re-paint those chartreuse walls and lay new carpet; or do we put in that bigger electric service, install the french drains to fix the damp basement, and repair the leaky roof or re-point the smokey chimney.  And so it goes.
There is much to be said for investing in making your home more beautiful … (6 comments)

westmoreland county: Food & Wine In Greensburg, PA - 01/27/11 03:35 AM
A couple nights ago I visited my son Erik (my real estate partner and sometime bartender) at One Eleven and "forced myself" to enjoy a glass of an extraordinary Ridge Vineyards Paso Robles Zinfandel while I waited for their new featured appetizer Pizzette!  Crusty crust of flour and cornmeal drenched in olive oil and fresh garlic and delicately grilled then slathered with fresh cut sauteed sweet onions, layered with fresh spinach and then topped with shaved parmesean and provolone and fired in a super hot oven to crisp.  Bring your appetite - this is an appetizer built for kings … (2 comments)

westmoreland county: Hempfield Township - Westmoreland County, PA - Real Estate Year In Review - 01/21/11 02:30 AM
Westmoreland County PA - Hempfield Township - 2010 Summary Real Estate Year In Review
The year in review for real estate activity in Hempfield Township, Westmoreland County PA, shows some interesting data that is just a bit counter-intuitive.
There were fewer homes sold in 2010, in all price segments, in Hempfield Township than in any of the last four years.  As with Westmoreland County as a whole, the decline has moderated from nearly double digits to just over 5% in 2010.
Also consistent with Westmoreland County as a whole, the two lower priced segments (82% of all sales in 2010) hit … (0 comments)

westmoreland county: David Kadagashvili - Chef Dato, In Memoriam - 01/14/11 12:31 AM
The Food Network was an infant.  YouTube had yet to be born.  Yet upon his arrival here in Westmoreland County in 2002 David Kadagashvili, known affectionately to one and all as Chef Dato, quickly became a remarkably public food icon through the force of his personality and the intensity of his vision - not to mention the quality of his cuisine.
Chef Dato joined the Mountain View Inn family as Chef de Cuisine and partner to Executive Chef Mark Henry in the Summer of 2002.  Together the two quickly created a culinary buzz unlike anything that had been seen in the Laurel Highlands … (1 comments)

westmoreland county: Westmoreland County PA - 2010 Summary Real Estate Data - 01/12/11 02:02 AM
The year in review for real estate activity in Westmoreland County PA shows some interesting data that largely confirms what many feel intuitively.
In Westmoreland County as a whole, 2010 saw the fewest home sales overall in the last 4 years.   2010 sales of 2566 homes were over 16% below the pace of 2007.  However, the pace of the decline has slowed considerably with 2010 down just under 4% from 2009. 
Interestingly the Westmoreland County market for homes under $150,000 (64% of all sales in 2010) hit its low-point in 2010 whereas, except for the most expensive market, the low-points in … (1 comments)

westmoreland county: Cultural Diversions & The Gridiron in Pittsburgh - 01/09/11 01:22 AM
As we in "the Burgh" get ready for our beloved Stillers to begin the quest for another Super Bowl ring we can actually add some great cultural events to the week's activities.  Don't let it be said that a love for the Gridiron can't mix with a little music, theater and museum time!
If you haven't gotten there yet, today is the last day for Vatican Splendors: A Journey Through Faith and Art at the Heinz History Center.  An extra-ordinary and moving display of art and Christian relics this will be transitioning to Ft. Lauderdale in the weeks ahead.
For those … (6 comments)

westmoreland county: Amateur Night - First Night - Romantic night - 12/31/10 02:45 AM
New year's Eve is perhaps not the excuse for an alchoholic celebration that it used to be - thank goodness.  Nevertheless some do still find it a convenient excuse to test the limits.
It is all too easy to see that many folks come out on this one night a year to celebrate and perhaps let it all hang out a bit.  Not being in the habit of dining out and imbibing on any regular basis these folks can easily find themselves slipping over the edge far more quickly than they expected - however innocently and unintentionally. 
Then of course there are those who could … (4 comments)

westmoreland county: 266 Pine, Salem Twp PA, Holiday Open House 12/12 From 1 To 4 - 12/10/10 05:53 AM

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