365 Ways to be an Interesting Real Estate Agent

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We are in a relationship business above all else. People work with people they like and trust. Fun and interesting people are often seen as fun and interesting and thus liked. The hardest part of continually building a relationship with our database for most agents, is in finding a reason or purpose to have a real call with their clients instead of some awkward pauses, ended with "oh, by the way." Aye Yi Yi.... Here are some ideas to create a purpose to call your database and be an interesting person to them. Either connect on what they have interest in or be interesting enough so that it is fun for them.



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                     Fore...     It doesn't take a genius to tell you that golf is very popular. Since August is National Golf Month, figure out a way to leverage that: The driving ranges slow down a bit now so negotiate a group rate and get some folks together. A great way to call families with ...
  National Wiggle Your Toes Day???? Really?      Really. That could be fun. I recommend that if you do it, go all in. If you want to be interesting, wiggle those babies...     Here are some activities you might consider: Show your toes on social media and dare your friends to do the same.  Create...
I love this time of year... Everybody loves a winner and every sports fan's favorite thing is to visit with.... perhaps you.... about their team when they are riding high and in first place. Clearly in position to be conference champs and maybe win it all. Finally, those dogs have crawled out of ...
Be a Narcissist    Really, it's O.K. We just won't tell yo mama. In today's world of selfies & instagram ( all photos ) & facebook, it is officially alright to self promote with your picture.... everywhere. But the problem is, everyone is doing it so how do we stand out? Easy... just be prepared ...
This is a juicy one!!!        Today, August 3rd is National Watermelon Day.       You gotta love watermelon, right? Actually, I could care less if you like watermelon.... many people do, especially those with kids. Go buy a few of the mini watermelons and drop them off to a few folks in your data...

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