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The real estate business was tough in 2009, and only slightly better in 2010. As we move into "11," I look at the market and hope my brethren in the business are doing better. Buyer's agents still don't have enough buyers, and the flood of inventory on the market is slowing sales and dropping pri...
Have you ever dreamed of owning a cozy bed and breakfast? Being up at the crack of dawn baking delicious pastries, and cooking up that breakfast your family always asked for on Sunday mornings for a house full of appreciative guests? Meeting and greeting new guests, and saying good-bye to the one...
Like a lot of American's in foreclosure, many may not want to admit the fact, much less do something about it. But there IS something to clap your hands about. There are several new programs now available that are actually targeted to help families and owners of distressed properties. And there a...
I have to clear up a stupid rumor right now that's been circulating since last April or so. I had a client who was quite upset because she'd heard through the American network of conservative misinformation that Obama's health care bill, the Patient Protection Affordable Car Act (or PPACA) has a ...
If you are one of the over seven million homeowners in default in the United States today and haven't done anything about it, I have one thing to say to you. Relax. One, you are not alone. Two, it's not necessarily your fault. There are a lot of reasons people found themselves owning a property t...
We will be discussing Short-Sales today at the Wells Fargo Round Table business meeting at the Nyack Seaport. I will be presenting "How to present a successful offer on a short-sale". Hope to see you there at 10:00am - Lunch will be served at 12noon.
 A polite Japanese greeting?   Sony's latest Playstation?   An anagram for "Am Nosy"?   Nope. It stands for State Of New York Mortgage Agency and it provides safe, low interest, fixed rate mortgages to help low to moderate income families become homeowners. Sound good? Especially in these times o...
1.Your home won't sell if it won't appraise. Buyers just can't get a mortgage if the home they fall in love with doesn't appraise. Even if they come up with the shortfall they won't get mortgage insurance.  Yes there are a few cash buyers out there, but they have the money in their pockets for go...

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