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One of our Orange County, NY real estate listings was burglarized recently, right after a weekend of showings. The thieves got away with jewelery, cash, portable computers, the usual swag. The listing agent called me to report this and that home owners had complained to her that it must have been...
When home buyers think of Warwick, NY, they often think of the things the area is best known for - tranquil forests, fresh farm stands, and beautiful, large homes in pastoral settings surrounding this quaint, trendy upstate New York town. I can almost hear the music playing in the background! But...
OMG! And I never start a blog with an OMG unless it's something REALLY OMG, something REALLY important. But this could be OMG earth-shaking. Literally!  I just read that granite kitchen counter tops in people's homes emit...RADAR! You heard me! Radar! Scientists thought they invented radar during...
Our company name, Global Property Systems, abbreviates to GPS, the acronym we always use in marketing our firm. It is the same acronym commonly used to reference a Global Positioning System, the space-based satellite navigation system that provides location and time information, and guides travel...

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