real estate advice: Orange is the “Must Have” this Season!: Realtor Safety Tip - 12/16/15 11:53 PM
Orange is the “Must Have” this Season!
This is not fashion advice but a safety tip for showing properties during hunting season. When going to vacant land there can be an UNSAFE assumption by buyers and sometimes agents that they can view the property anytime and not let anyone know that they are there especially if they have seen it before. There is a very GOOD reason to ALWAYS call ahead because there may be hunters who have leased the property and are not expecting you to come while they are trying to get that big buck. Even if you have let … (15 comments)

real estate advice: To Sell or Not to Sell- That is the Question - 11/02/15 01:44 AM
To Sell or Not to Sell- That is the Question
As a Broker, I am always hit with the statement "when I'm ready to sell, I'll call you". Well that leads to the question how do you decide to sell or not to sell. I have had clients that didn't have a choice they were underwater on their mortgage and had to sell and then there have had some that just wanted to see what they could get and if it sold great if not oh well no big deal. There is a lot to consider when deciding to sell your property or … (0 comments)

real estate advice: What does it mean? Fixer Upper - 05/15/15 04:19 AM
What does it mean? Fixer Upper
There's an old saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the same could be said about the condition and"fixing" a home needs. The term "fixer upper" has a broad definition these days to mean anything from structural repair to changing of paint color. Who would have thought that there would be a time when a home on the market for a million dollars would be considered a "fixer upper"? 
So I thought I would try to clarify this term as best as I can. In general, a fixer upper is a home that needs … (0 comments)

real estate advice: Who Pays For It? Top 10 Real Estate Transaction Fees - 01/24/13 05:50 AM
Who Pays For It?
Top 10 Real Estate Transaction Fees
With every real estate transaction there are costs for both buyer and seller.  Many people new to real estate can be caught unaware by these fees as a deal progresses towards closing. The best way to make sure a sale runs smoothly is for all parties to be aware of the costs involved. With this in mind, we've compiled a list of some costs that could come up during the purchase process.
1.Home Inspection: BUYER  Home inspections are not required but can be an important part of the home buying process. … (4 comments)

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