bank of america: Yay!!! Bank of America's now giving us a free "peek"!!! - 01/13/14 04:58 AM
After years and years of shrouded secrets and veiled anonymities....Bank of America's doing the unbelievable...
Bypassing the impossible even....
They're NOW allowing short sale agents to view valuation reports!!!!
What's more??? We may request a reassessment of value if we believe that the appraiser/bpo agent literally pulled a comp from the depths of hell in an effort to save time and finish the report before having a margarita (not that I've ever done that as a bpo agent!)
Now, of course, I'm totally not sure of just how effective this new process will be. However, I will be … (0 comments)

bank of america: First...the marriage of peanut butter and this???? - 03/21/13 07:55 AM
To know me is to know that I LOVE peanut butter...I love it on a spoon by itself, on bread, with jelly, without jelly, with bananas, etc...I think you get the picture.
When someone felt it prudent to mix peanut butter with chocolate.....OH MY!!!! I was in absolute peanut buttery heaven!!!!
Now that you know how I feel about the peanut butter and chocolate.......
Recently...Bank of America announced that it was now processing it's FHA short sales through Equator!!!
Gone are the days of
*Endless faxes that apparently dump into a black hole never to be retrieved again
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