coweta foreclosure help: Beautiful 3bdrm/2bth Ranch Style Home On Full Basement & 1.8 Acres!!! - 05/07/11 09:14 AM

coweta foreclosure help: BPO Power....It's Much More Than You Think!!! - 08/02/10 11:09 AM
For many distressed home sellers, the term "BPO' is totally greek. Sadly enough, it doesn't ring a bell with many Realtors either. What's more disturbing is that very few Realtors consider the significance or the power of someone else (who's probably traveled for more than 30 miles away) taking a look at your property and giving their opinion of what it would sell for in today's market....sounds simple, right??? It's much more complicated than that.
The reality is that the fate of your client's property (and financial future) may rest upon this single, solitary number...because when that figure lands in the … (3 comments)