down payment assistance in georgia: Student loans...the hellish gift that keeps giving!!! - 09/11/19 08:39 PM
Picture it.......Atlanta, 2019 You've been working your dream job for quite some time and your salary is enough to support your lifestyle and accumulate a pretty decent amount of savings. You've accomplished a lot in obtaining multiple and/or advanced degrees and you're finally enjoying the fruits of your labor. decide that now's the perfect time to buy a home. Since you're paying 1800 per month in rent, you figure that handling a similar mortgage would be as easy as taking candy from a sleeping baby. You drive around town to get a feel for your desired neighborhoods and you're finally … (2 comments)

down payment assistance in georgia: Trust me...It's really okay to toot your own horn! - 08/20/19 08:18 PM
I must admit something…I’m not too keen on tooting my own horn.
A few months ago, I sat in front of my laptop contemplating writing my real estate biography. For those who aren’t in the business, the bio is a snippet that describes the person by who they are, their works, and their accomplishments. After googling several top-notch bios, I gleefully opened my laptop and began to write my own. Two days later, I had a single sentence that simply read.
“Vanessa Calhoun, a single mother of one son, is originally from Newnan, GA.”
Yep…that’s it. I managed to contain twelve years of industry … (2 comments)

down payment assistance in georgia: Is Your Lack Of A Downpayment Preventing You From Purchasing A Home?? - 08/25/15 01:47 AM's no secret that our current real estate market is on FIRE!!! Especially in our markets in Coweta, Fayette, Fulton, and Henry County, well priced homes are selling faster than the hotcakes at IHOP on a beautiful Saturday morning. Smart buyers are noticing exceptional deals and taking every opportunity to capitalize on them.
Have you been considering purchasing a home, but are worried that your income isn't substantial enough to qualify? Or maybe you have very little funds for a down payment?
Well...there are viable options for homeownership for families such as yours!
The USDA Rural Development Loan Program has … (5 comments)

down payment assistance in georgia: Looking to purchase a Georgia home, but are a little low on funds??? - 07/31/13 02:36 AM
It's the age old dilemma coming back to bite you in the've worked hard to maintain good credit and have become weary of renting. You decide that you're finally ready to make the commitment to purchasing a home, and......WAIT A MINUTE..... You need HOW MUCH money for down payment, earnest money deposit, inspections, appraisals, closing costs.....WHEW!!!! It can be quite overwhelming!!!THE GOOD NEWS IS....... there are STILL viable down payment assistance programs available to first time homebuyers in Georgia! YES!!! These programs are designed to help defray some of the associated costs involved with purchasing a new home. Some of tYES!!!! … (0 comments)