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Despite the fact that most people, practioners and consumers alike, are now familiar with the term REO, some myths still remain. Here, I'll address a couple that I seem to be hearing every day.But, first, for those that don't know, REO stands for Real Estate Owned. This generally refers to proper...
Everyone on here is probably better at this than me... Nonetheless, I'll share what I've learned about getting people to use your web site; and maybe others will post some of their tricks, as well! Know what people want & give it to them:  Your clients and friends want free information they can g...
Do you think about the environment during your everyday course of business? Most people assume that saving a tree or reducing garbage will cost them more, but that's not always so. In fact, many times, doing what is best for the environment is also best for your bottom line!Do you put your client...
We live in a rapidly changing environment, and what was good advice just a few weeks ago is not true today. So, check with MANY professionals before you make the decision to attempt a short sale.  Here is the best, most current information I have available to pass on to you, and if there is anyth...
What did your grandparents teach you about investing in real estate? Likely, they taught you a lot, if you were just listening. I still remember the day my grandmother made her last mortgage payment.Our grandparents, those who lived through the depression (and their children who learned those les...
The evening news is still shouting doom and gloom about the real estate market. When Ed McMahon is losing his house, surely the sky is falling, right? But, wait! What is being whispered in the background? Could this be it? Are we at the bottom?The only way to really know is when we've seen consi...
Sometimes door knocking can be intimidating, but there is no better way to make new connections within the community... or, is there?  Sponsoring a charitable event - like a food drive to support local food backs - is a great excuse to knock on doors and introduce yourself.  Feed your database, a...
When most agents think of real estate referrals, they automatically think of relocation referrals. But, there are local agents who can and will refer business to you, too, and perhaps more often. So, consider building a LOCAL network of referral agents. It is just one of many ways to boost the re...
Thank you for allowing me to interrupt your day. As promised, I am delivering to you some information I hope will be helpful to your business....and I am starting with the toughest part of the industry right now... Foreclosures.Foreclosures are taking their toll on our market nationally. I am sur...
Recently, I learned that, nationally, only about 5% of consumers find their agents through another REALTOR! I was stunned. I love having the opportunity to pre-screen agents for clients and friends, and I feel that they get better real estate assistance as a result. This year, I am focusing on re...

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