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Lenders and Agents, you are on the front lines, so I NEED your input here.  Tell me of situations that you see that result in foreclosure.  Don't get into blame... I want to know what the situations of the homeowners are, why it is their only choice.  I don't (for purposes of this question) want ...
On my personal blog, I have posted a step by step series on buying foreclosures... click below to be taken to the post that interests you most....  Agents getting into this for the first time should read this, as well... you must be able to warn your clients about what to expect.  Bottom line - a...
So, you've been thinking of investing in Real Estate for some time.  You know this is a great time to buy... if you only had the cash to spare.  So, what are you doing with all that cash in your 401K or IRA? Did you know that you can put some or all of that into a self directed IRA and use it to ...
In our ever - evolving real estate market, life continues to stay interesting!  Here are a few highlights of things you may not know: There has been another market shift.  In many sections of the Northern Virginia area, it seems prices have leveled, and buyer activity is up by as much as 80% in s...
Thank you to my friends at First Savings for keeping me in the loop on potential changes affecting our housing market!     Dear Friend, I am turning to you in the 11th hour, urging you to take action to oppose a housing bill that will eliminate downpayment assistance. The Senate and House of Repr...
For Part I, we'll start with the big one: PRICE. "What should I offer?" is a question I hear time and time again. It's halfway through 2008, and it seems that almost the only thing I do these days is work with buyers purchasing REOs. Here, I will attempt to share with you what I've learned.... RE...
For 2008, a noteworthy part of my business plan is focused on building both incoming and outgoing agent to agent referral business.  I think I have fallen into a good system - just this week, I have generated 12 new leads for various types of real estate transactions in areas other than my own.  ...
I received this in an email moments ago from Mark Kilfeather, First Savings & I wanted to spread the word! For information on this or other loan programs, please contact Mike:     URGENT. Voice Your Support for Downpayment Assistance! Downpayment Assistance Programs...
Today, a blog was started to point out an AR advertiser who was actually blatantly advertising a product intended to be used for consumers to help them commit loan fraud.  The professionals that responded were outraged, and before you knew it, the actual advertiser had jumped onto the blog and st...
So, you're ready to go see some properties. With the REOs flooding the market, the term House Hunt is starting to have a new meaning. Looking at some REOs can be an adventure - think "Wild African Safari".Here are a few tips on what to expect when you get out there...Continue Reading www.thereale...

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