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This post is intended to assist you with familiarizing yourself as a buyer with the types of sales we are seeing in the marketplace today.  Read separate posts on Short Sales * REOs * Auctions for more detail. Traditional Sales If the prices are right, these are the best transactions!  The contra...
The Virginia Association of REALTORS released it's third quarter sales report. Most consumers will be shocked to hear that, overall, sales prices are UP 1% compared to last year, and sales activity (closed sales) is down only 9.2% for the state. But, as the National Association of REALTORS is con...
There is a difference between "appraisals" and "assessments" although the words are commonly used interchangeably. A educated consumer knows the differences:Assessments Completed using an automated valuation program. Generally done once per year. Used to determine real estate taxes. Should be wit...
Attention: Buyers and Borrowers There IS A DIFFERENCE!A lender is a specific lending institution, often times a bank, that lends their OWN money. When they pre-qualify you they are using the actual, real time standards that institution has in place. A pre-qualification means something. An approva...
Did you know? Approximately 25% of properties that are listed for auction are sold PRE-auction. Approximately 30% of properties that are listed for auction are sold AT the auction. Approximately 30% of properties that are listed for auction are sold POST auction. If you are considering purchasing...
When my oldest son was 4 (now 19), I remember taking him into my office on my day off - to pick up a paycheck.  I was not a licensed agent at the time, I worked in a sales office.  While I chatted with a co-worker for a few minutes, my 4 year old started rumaging through the desks in the office. ...
The next in a series about Real Estate Auctions, this post discusses what I call "retail" auctions. These are the ones you see advertised in the late night infomercials, on signs, in magazines, etc. They're held in ballrooms, convention centers, or perhaps at a property. While they may be single ...
Continuing to dispell myths about real estate auctions, this post talks about What Happens At Foreclosure Auctions....Leading up to a foreclosure auction, someone who has a lien against the property has exercised their right to foreclose. Guided by state laws and contractual obligations, the lien...
Since May, the number of home sales in Loudoun have been up considerably when compared to the same month in the prior year. Check out this chart, showing the number of sales (month by month) for 2007 compared to 2008 (courtesy of the Dulles Area Association of REALTORS): As of October 31st, for h...
Auctions are just one more tool, which can be good for both buyers and seller in today's market. As they are being used with increasing frequency, I get more and more questions... and I hear potential buyers saying things that they assume to be true.....but which are completely wrong. Sadly, I al...

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