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When we moved to Leesburg, no one told us how different Halloween would be. Here, on "All Hallowed Eve", children dress in their costumes, lining the streets of downtown Leesburg, to collect treats thrown to them from passing parade floats. The parade is put on by the local Kiwanis club, and this...
On Halloween night, I lost my keys.  I was in the Leesburg Parade, and was convinced I had lost them somewhere along the parade route.  After days of trying to find them, I finally resolved myself to the thought that they were gone forever.  I was thinking of the hassle and money it would cost to...
Months ago I wrote a blogpost about renters who were losing their homes to foreclosure. Yes, RENTERS.  In 2006 and 2007 many homeowners who could not sell opted to rent their homes.  But, in many cases, the rent didn't cover the mortgage.  After a year or two of trying everything possible to cove...
Some homeowners being forced to sell today are faced with a challenge because their value may be lower than the mortgage they owe.  In these cases, agents, attorneys and other professionals are stepping in to assist homeowners in negotiating with their banks to permit the sale.  For months, banks...

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