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In Loudoun, we have a few petting zoos including two that are rather popular. Since I live in Leesburg, my family frequents the one here just outside of town, Leesburg Animal Park. It's about 10 minutes from my home.There, the you can see monkeys, huge tortoises, goats, emus, a camel, donkeys, bi...
The Loudoun County Landfill offers tours each week for scout troops and other groups; and recently my Daisy Girl Scout troop took advantage of this opportunity.The landfill opened in 1971 and should be able to continue to serve the community for another 60 years. We learned that the Loudoun Coun...
My dad seems sometimes like a hard, no nonsense kinda guy. He hunts, fishes, builds. He's rugged, for sure. But hard - nah, not my dad. He's a sap, but it's not obvious unless you look closely.When I was kid, on snow days my dad would start by clearing our "drive way" which was just shy of a mile...
Would you like to receive an extra $10,000 towards your home purchase? Move quickly. Special funds available for qualified buyers (income must be below 80% of the median income for the area). The fund will match your contribution 5:1. That means if you put in $500 (the minimum investment), the fu...
Rust Manor House and Nature Sanctuary are tucked away in a small nook inside the town of Leesburg. Even long time locals sometimes forget about this wonderful hidden treasure right in our back yard.With the help of my Daisy Girl Scout troop, I had a wonderful visit yesterday afternoon. We hiked ...
On the 10th of each month, MRIS (the MLS for the Washington DC Metropolitan Area) publishes market statistics by region, county and zip code. Each month, I pull them up, review them, and sometimes incorporate information about the market into my blog. Recently, however, I haven't done that so muc...
The Virginia Housing Development Authority has rolled out a new program allowing qualified buyers to use their expected tax credit (max of $8,000) toward the down payment or closing costs when they purchase a new home. The program is called VHDA FHA Tax Credit Plus. This potentially could mean n...
About a week and a half ago, there was a ruling allowing home buyers to use their First Time Home Buyer Credit (a max of $8000) toward closing costs. Today, VHDA (the Virginia Housing Development Authority) rolled out their plans implementing this program, and here are the highlights:  * The buye...
"Lyme Disease, On The Rise in Loudoun"... these headlines have caught my eye in recent weeks.  Being a country girl from Loudoun, I am pretty used to ticks being part of life.  I've always had pets, always been in the fields and in the woods, and always been aware of the disease that ticks can ca...

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