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Continuing our posts on short sales, this post focuses on how different situations can impact your chances of success with a short sale.  Below, I've outlined highlights of the ingredients which improve your chances of having a successful short sale.  (To Read Previous Posts, go to http://thereal...
Powerful facts.Is Social Media a fad? A fad is something that comes and goes...a temporary fashion; a craze, interest or activity that (some) people follow enthusiastically, but lasts for a short period of time. Like Hola Hoopes,Pac Man,Rubik's cubes, Troll Dolls...can you think of others?  So th...
Maybe you've felt a little "loco" today and just need a break from the "same old - same old"; or maybe you've got something to celebrate (if you look hard enough there's ALWAYS something to celebrate).  Consider gathering the kids and going out for dinner tonight.  Kids eat free (somewhere) ever...
In economies like ours, it's hard to know - which economists and government leaders should you trust? Which ones really know what's going on? How can you decide when it is time to save or spend? Where to invest? If it's time to buy or sell a house? If you should buy at a higher price, because pri...
This post is a continuation of a series on Short Sales.  To see the previous posts, visit: Since the homeowner is the one who initiates the short sale process, let's look in more detail at the selling side.  In ...
Delta Associates is a well respected authority within the housing market, but their reports are rarely public, until now.  MRIS (The Metropolitan Regional Information System), which is the local multiple listing service, now offers reports to the public through their web site each quarter. (www.M...
First Friday events are held in downtown Leesburg on the first Friday of each month. On these nights, 35 different specialty shops and businesses stay open until 9:30 offering various types of entertainment.Each month, scheduled entertainment is posted at The entertai...
There are many variables due to specific lenders, particulars of the parties involved and the heavy influence of third party negotiators and/or the involved real estate agents. However, in general, this is the process:* Regardless of the path taken to get to this point, the sellers eventually dec...
With all the local summer camp options in Loudoun, it's nice for kids to try various activities. It keeps the summer interesting and keeps them constantly learning, sampling different activities that may (or may not) be of longer term interest to them. After horseback riding camp, I enrolled my 6...

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