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Part 5: The Long and Short of a Short Sale: Failures and Successes This is Part 5 of a Series on Short Sales reprinted with permission from TheRealEstateWhisperer.  In this post, we discuss examples of failures and successes I've witnessed or been part of in the short sale arena.Disclosure/Discla...
As we all know, it is serious back to school time.  It seems to be consuming my life, and if you have kids in school, it's probably been your focus... too.  I was sent home a list of web sites where I can register my various store loyalty cards so that any school benefits are sent to my children'...
You probably are aware of the first time home buyer tax credit of up to $8K. You may also be aware it is set to expire soon, I think there are 53 business days left to get your transaction closed and still be able to take advantage of this incentive. In my area, this, combined with low interest r...
Yep.  I am sure that's what I've had all week.  No, I didn't have testing... the CDC doesn't really recommend it.  It's been a long time since I had a flu that did more than inconvenience me.  This one put me in bed for a few days. In case you're wondering, here's what I now know: It doesn't real...
It's 9-11.... need I say more? I'll never forget that day.  You won't either.  For me, the panic really didn't set in until late in the day - after the Pentagon was attacked.  Is that because it's close to home?  Probably not.  I think it is because my dad always told me there'd never be another ...
It happened, again.  This morning I got a message from a friend - our daughters go to school together.  The message said "I need your help.  My home was foreclosed on... and I have 5 days to find a new place to live..." Oh, how I wish I'd known.  It seems they were working through a loan modific...
Did you hear all the uproar about Obama wanting to give a “back to school” speech to the children of the US? There was even more uproar here in our county (Loudoun) about our superintendent’s decision not to feature this speech at our schools.  Then later, there was controversy because the super...
Back To School   Today is the first day of school here in Loudoun County.  I logged onto Facebook this morning to share my bus stop photos, and to see those of my friends.  I read comments from parents whose children are off at a boarding school or college, parents of kids yet to enter school... ...
The National Aquarium at the Baltimore Inner Harbor is about an hour from Loudoun County - an hour and half from Leesburg (where I live).  It's a fabulous place for kids and adults alike and makes for a great day trip. My kids (3 and 6) had never seen real sharks (although we all watched the Disc...
Continuing our posts on short sales, this post discusses the most common clauses in the contract, and the ideal contract for each party.  All real estate contracts have contingencies in them on both sides.  A contingency is the "if" in these statements: I will sell you this house IF _____________...

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