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Housing Might Be Affordable, But Loudoun Isn't                                            A New Rail Corridor Could Get Our Economy Moving:                                          http://therealestatewhi...
Today is World Water Day, kicking off World Water Week! I believe the world was quite lovely when I arrived, and I'd like to see it just as nice, or better, when I leave.  So, I want to share some resources with you. The following is cut and paste directly from the Loudoun Water blog "Water We T...
On the Leesburg, VA Facebook fan page, we have listed more than 54 "Events" in and around Leesburg and Loudoun County.  Please become a fan and check out the "Events" tab. For today, Friday, March 19th, here are a few highlights: The Big Apple Circus (check for discount code before you buy tix) ...
As a Loudoun "Soccer Mom" I received this email from the Loudoun Soccer Association that I wanted to circulate to you all:  We are reaching out to you today to request your help on a very important issue that will affect us all. As many of you know, back in 2000 we voted to accept a bond referen...
March is Red Cross month. Did you know that? The Red Cross operates locally, nationally and internationally... and when all else fails you, it's often the Red Cross that will come to your aid. Be sure to support them, so that when you need it, they can support you. You can find out how to suppor...
Did you know in the early days of America's settlement the Irish were considered the least valuable members of society? In those days, building canals, bridges and the like were considered among the most dangerous and deadly of jobs.  So only the Irish were hired for those jobs, because the loss...
Do You HAVE to Pay Real Estate Taxes? Hmmm.... Did you know that you, or someone you love, may be exempt from paying Real Estate Taxes in Loudoun, Fairfax, Prince William or many other nearby counties? The exemption is reserved for those with limited incomes and who meat certain age or disability...
Loudoun Water wants YOU TO KNOW....It's "Fix A Leak Week"!   Is Your Water Running Without You?  WATCH THIS VIDEO BY CLICKING HERE Save Money, Save the Environment!  Check for (and fix) your leaks today! Courtesy of Loudoun Water, here are ways to identify and address leaks around your home: Sear...
Scholarship Opportunities Many of you have children about to graduation from High School.  Of course, every parent wants to be able to pay for college or technical school after high school, but with the economy the way it is now, the question is how? Even though the amounts may seem small ($500, ...
Lucia Alami has 3 daughters, the youngest of which is terribly frightened of the mall Easter Bunny.  But, not wanting to miss a great photo opportunity, Lucia came up with an idea of taking photos of her girls with real bunnies for Easter.... and rightfully thinking other moms might like this id...

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