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I am often asked about what our local seasonal cycles are for real estate, so I thought I'd pass along this chart (thanks MRIS) for real estate sales volume in Loudoun County since 2006.  Despite fluxuations due to weather, tax programs, loan programs, interest rates and many other things, this ...
Congress is looking at many potential revisions to the tax code, including limiting the tax deductions for mortgage interest. This change could truly have a negative impact on our local & national real estate market. We need to let Congress know we want the mortgage interest deduction to be left...
It's Taste Test Tuesday! OK, I will admit that I am stealing the "game" from, but I liked it.  Every Tuesday I will post pictures of 2 or more homes and ask for your favorite.  I might shake it up a bit just for variety, but in this case, I have posted 2 pictures of Single Family Home...
We're well into 2011 and the market is very different than a few years ago.  In 2008, almost the only properties selling were REOs.   By 2009/2010, the banks had seen the value in working with short sales and had enough trained staff that they were able to start processing the requests in enough ...
I have completed a series of blog posts to help you, Mr and Mrs Seller, get your home ready for the market.  Check out the posts referenced below.  Or, better yet, give me a call and let's meet.  Part of the service I offer when I list your home is a personal consultation on all of these things! ...
You've heard it before... when it comes to selling, curb appeal is 50% of the sales process.  To really understand that, you need to understand the home buying process. Most buyers will see an ad - online or in print - for your home, before they visit.  Almost always there is going to be at leas...
As an agent, I am always "negotiating" with my clients to help their homes show better by strategically staging.  I have pulled about a dozen pictures from our local MLS system - homes currently being marketed for sale right now - and am asking for YOUR input.  What do you think of these rooms?  ...
This month in real estate..... For more information on loans, the real estate market, and how to prepare your home for sale, stay tuned to The Real Estate Whisperer! The Real Estate Whisperer A Dulles area real estate sales consultant shares truths about the industry and the market. A resource no...
“I will be putting my house on the market soon and I’m wondering~ Do we need to repaint the whole house?” Common question; but the answers vary. ============= Clearly, if your home is overdue for a paint job, then yes, to get the highest amount possible for your home, you should repaint. Otherwis...
You're putting your home on the market, you want the most money possible for your home in the least amount of time. I can help you get that. I've got a plan! But, I am going to need your help. Step #1: Show Me The Space, I'll Show You The Money! You're putting your home on the market...Think abou...

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