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I have clients that are lookin’ for land… building lots of 3+ acres in the Loudoun area… Hamilton, Leesburg, and Purcellville. Do you have land you’d like to sell? I sure would like to hear from you! Vicky Chrisner, REALTOR Selling Homes and Land in Loudoun County and the Dulles Area 703.669.3142...
I often say referrals are the lifeblood of my business, and it’s true. Yesterday, I completed a sale for a buyer who was referred to me by a former real estate agent that I’d worked with (who has referred a few clients to me over the years) and a former client. They work with a gentleman that has...
SOLD! Congratulations to Mike and Grace on the purchase of their new home in Loudoun Valley Estates (Ashburn, VA). Mike was transferred to the area nearly two years ago for work, but has been sharing a rental while his wife stayed in Chicago getting their children through school. They are very ex...
A consumer asked me... "If I have a house I need to sell before I can buy another home, how can I do it? What comes first?" It's sort of like the chicken and the egg conundrum. In a buyers market, a buyer may be able to negotiate with a seller to enter into a contract that is contingent on the bu...
Today as I was discussing an appraisal issue with a couple of fellow practioners, I learned that appraisals are suddenly becoming more of an issue.  And, unlike a year ago, it's not really because appraisers that don't know the market place, but more because of the market changes.  A year ago, 6 ...
A Consumer Asked: Can I have more than one agent? Hmm... The short answer: Maybe, but not if you're *my* client. But let's back up a bit. When you begin working with an agent, there's an important discussion that should be had - right up front. It's about the difference between being a client and...

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