facebook: Playhouses that ROCK - 04/14/11 12:23 AM
I saw this article this morning, and all I could think was.... Dear Daddy, When I asked for a playhouse and you gave me the shed you'd previously kept the mower in (because you bought a newer bigger one of those)... Well, perhaps I should have been more specific. From, Your Loving (And Wishing I Could Keep Up w/the Jones's) Daugther "LIKE" www.Facebook.com/TheRealEstateWhisperer for 'Real' Real Estate News; PLUS, fun real estate related thoughts like this one! Vicky Chrisner Jealous (Even Now That I am A Grown Up) Daughter and Real Estate Sales Consultant Serving Loudoun County 703.669.3142 VChrisner@KW.com … (2 comments)

facebook: Everything You Say Can And Will Be Used Against You - 04/04/11 08:35 AM
Do you really understand "AGENCY" in the real estate world?  Probably not. To me, the number one duty of a real estate agent (when you are in an agency relationship with them) is to protect your confidentiality.  If you are a buyer and have a written buyer agency agreement with an agent, then you have your very own buyer's agent and they are required to keep their mouths shut and not share with others the things you tell them, except on a need to know basis and with permission.  If you are a seller and have a written seller agency agreement with an … (3 comments)

facebook: Staging HELP!!! - 03/21/11 06:44 AM
As an agent, I am always "negotiating" with my clients to help their homes show better by strategically staging.  I have pulled about a dozen pictures from our local MLS system - homes currently being marketed for sale right now - and am asking for YOUR input.  What do you think of these rooms?  Would you have the sellers change things or are they "just fine" exactly as they are?  You Decide!See the pictures and provide your input: 

facebook: Facebook is My BEST Friend - 03/13/10 03:11 AM
Facebook has quickly become my best friend. I vent to it, I tell it what I am doing, I tell it what I think is interesting, and I joke with it.  In exchange, it consoles me, encourages and inspires me, teaches me things, and makes me laugh.   I have reconnected with long lost friends.  I stay in contact with friends I never seem to be able to "connect" with, because of differences in our schedules.  I even make new friends and business connections. I like it so much that I currently have 3 pages.... My profile, where you will read things … (3 comments)

facebook: The Real Estate Whisperer: You'll Want To Know THIS! - 03/08/10 12:19 PM
The Real Estate Whisperer "You'll Want To Know This" Announcing "The Real Estate Whisperer" on Facebook!   Interested in having important Real Estate News delivered to your FB Newsfeed?  CLICK HERE to "Fan" our new page!  We welcome any real estate questions! Check out these recent highlights.... *  Buyers Who Wait, May Lose A Lot (Read this article from REALTOR magazine) *  Switching gears, Obama is no longer focused on keeping homeowners IN their homes, but considering paying them to leave! *  Tax relief for investors who chose the wrong 1031 company.\ *  The White House extends the refi program options for … (0 comments)

facebook: LivingInLoCo: Take Time To Taste The Snowflakes - 02/02/10 01:08 PM
So, today I was on Facebook (according to a recent quiz, I am 66% addicted). 
We were all chatting about the woodchucks and groundhogs (what's the difference?) that did or did not see their shadows (most did). 
One REALTOR friend in Michigan said that the spectators that went to see Woody the Woodchuck were all dressed in bikinis and bermuda shorts, trying to fake Woody out.  It didn't work - he, too, was scared when he saw his shadow, and predicted 6 more weeks of winter.  Those woodchucks are smarter than you'd think.  Smarter than the spectators, anyway.  It's cold in … (0 comments)

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