living in loco: Today is World Water Day! - 03/22/10 03:02 PM
Today is World Water Day, kicking off World Water Week! I believe the world was quite lovely when I arrived, and I'd like to see it just as nice, or better, when I leave.  So, I want to share some resources with you. The following is cut and paste directly from the Loudoun Water blog "Water We Thinking": Celebrating World Water Day This Week For this week's post, I thought I share an email I received this morning from the folks at Tapped (a documentary that aims to change our collective minds about tap water - in a good way). The … (4 comments)

living in loco: Attn: Loudoun Co Soccer Moms and Dads: SAVE BOLEN PARK (TODAY) - 03/18/10 07:54 AM
As a Loudoun "Soccer Mom" I received this email from the Loudoun Soccer Association that I wanted to circulate to you all:  We are reaching out to you today to request your help on a very important issue that will affect us all. As many of you know, back in 2000 we voted to accept a bond referendum to build 104 acre Phillip Bolen Park, to be located near Leesburg Airport. This park will help to serve the entire county by easing some of the field shortages that we have been experiencing. This park will have 6 lighted, irrigated soccer fields. … (0 comments)

living in loco: (LivingInLoCo) March is Red Cross Month - 03/18/10 07:49 AM
March is Red Cross month. Did you know that? The Red Cross operates locally, nationally and internationally... and when all else fails you, it's often the Red Cross that will come to your aid. Be sure to support them, so that when you need it, they can support you. You can find out how to support the Loudoun County Red Cross Chapter, as well as the National and Internation relief efforts in Haiti and around the globe, on their web site: In honor of Red Cross Month, the fan page has added the Leesburg blood drive locations this month … (0 comments)

living in loco: St. Patricks Day - A Different Perspective - 03/17/10 02:47 AM
Did you know in the early days of America's settlement the Irish were considered the least valuable members of society? In those days, building canals, bridges and the like were considered among the most dangerous and deadly of jobs.  So only the Irish were hired for those jobs, because the loss of a few Irish was considered a blessing.  In fact, THAT is the route of the famous St. Patricks Day parades throughout the world.  It was the Irish Society of Boston that organized the first St Patricks Day parade in 1737 - not as celebration but as a political statement about … (1 comments)

living in loco: Do YOU have to pay real estate taxes? Could you be exempt? - 03/15/10 12:03 PM
Do You HAVE to Pay Real Estate Taxes? Hmmm.... Did you know that you, or someone you love, may be exempt from paying Real Estate Taxes in Loudoun, Fairfax, Prince William or many other nearby counties? The exemption is reserved for those with limited incomes and who meat certain age or disability requirements. Okay, so that means I have to keep paying my real estate taxes.  But, when my mom had a stroke a few years ago, and went on permanent disability, learning about this made a HUGE difference in her monthly available cash.   There is a catch - you can … (0 comments)

living in loco: Living In LoCo: Fix A Leak Week - 03/15/10 07:14 AM
Loudoun Water wants YOU TO KNOW....It's "Fix A Leak Week"!   Is Your Water Running Without You?  WATCH THIS VIDEO BY CLICKING HERE Save Money, Save the Environment!  Check for (and fix) your leaks today!
Courtesy of Loudoun Water, here are ways to identify and address leaks around your home:
Search for toilet leaks by placing a drop of food coloring in the toilet tank or use one of our toilet leak detector dye tablets. If any color shows up in the bowl without flushing first, you have a leak. (Be sure to flush immediately to avoid staining the tank.) Need dye … (0 comments)

living in loco: LivingInLoCo: Bunny Pictures for Easter - 03/13/10 03:32 AM
Lucia Alami has 3 daughters, the youngest of which is terribly frightened of the mall Easter Bunny.  But, not wanting to miss a great photo opportunity, Lucia came up with an idea of taking photos of her girls with real bunnies for Easter.... and rightfully thinking other moms might like this idea, too, she decided to open up the opportunity to us all a few years ago. I learned about this opportunity via a Facebook Page (Moms Like Me of the Greater Dulles Area), and was pleased when she still had sessions available. Originally, the photo shoot was to be outdoors, … (0 comments)

living in loco: Facebook is My BEST Friend - 03/13/10 03:11 AM
Facebook has quickly become my best friend. I vent to it, I tell it what I am doing, I tell it what I think is interesting, and I joke with it.  In exchange, it consoles me, encourages and inspires me, teaches me things, and makes me laugh.   I have reconnected with long lost friends.  I stay in contact with friends I never seem to be able to "connect" with, because of differences in our schedules.  I even make new friends and business connections. I like it so much that I currently have 3 pages.... My profile, where you will read things … (3 comments)

living in loco: LivingInLoCo: It's Circus Time! - 03/13/10 02:12 AM
It's Circus Time! It's circus time!  For several years running, Lerner Enterprises has hosted "The Big Apple Circus" on grounds adjacent to Lerner's Dulles Town Center in the Dulles area.  It used to come in the late summer/early fall, but we never saw it at all in 2009.  Many of us missed it terribly, and were thrilled to hear it would be appearing in the usual place in March.  They are performing in town through March 27th, and tickets are still available. This year's show "Bello is Back!"  My family and I went, and felt it was the best show in … (0 comments)

living in loco: New Tysons Express Commuter Service! - 03/01/10 04:06 AM
New Tysons Express Commuter Service!  Loudoun is adding a "Tysons Express" bus service for commuters beginning this summer. Even though I no longer make this commute, I did do it for several years from Ashburn and then from Leesburg.  Sometimes it wasn't that bad, but there were some terrible traffic days.  Oh, how I'd wished there'd been a better way. 
Can you imagine:
*  Being able to always cut your commute time since you'll be taking the HOV lanes?
*  Being able to sneak in a little nap on the way home?
*  Being able to bring your laptop and keep working … (1 comments)

living in loco: (Not So) Secret Sledding Spot in Leesburg - 02/13/10 02:36 PM
Sledding at Meadow Hill I am going to share a local secret with you...
There's a little hill a few blocks southwest of downtown Leesburg, located on what's left of a farm - a GREAT SLEDDING HILL! 
And there is a lovely little sign that reads:    "The Meadow Hill Private Property. 
The children of Leesburg may use this hill, if...
RULES: 1-Sled at your own risk. 2-Small children must be attended. 3-Don't bother the livestock. 4-A wood fire only.  Do not burn tires." 
The rules seemed reasonable to me... so my kids, my neighbors and I greatly enjoy free use … (4 comments)

living in loco: Snow Day Camps - 02/10/10 02:45 AM
With all the recent snow, cabin fever is setting in throughout Loudoun, with school canceled for 6 days in a row due to weather... then add weekends and previously scheduled days off, and the kids just aren't going to school these days at all!  We've done some common and uncommon outdoor and indoor 'snow day activities'; we've done 'kid friendly recipes for snow days'.  At some point, these kids need a change of scenery and people with whom they can interact.  But, school is closed.  Daycare is closed.  Many businesses are closed. It's cold outside, and yet they need to burn … (0 comments)

living in loco: Snowmagedon Continues - Important Safety Tips. - 02/08/10 03:21 AM
If you're living in this Loudoun/Dulles or the surrounding area this is not news to you.... We JUST had 34.5 inches of snow, and 2 snowfalls within the previous week totalling about 10 inches of snow, and now we're expecting another 5-9 inches beginning tomorrow. Because our area rarely experiences this kind of snow (well, this is actually the snowiest on record), we simply aren't equipped.  So, be patient.  Life will return to 'normal'.  For now, relax and enjoy.
Streets:   VDOT is calling in reinforcements from areas nearby that have completed their own snow removal because they didn't get the 'dump' that we … (0 comments)

living in loco: History of GIRL SCOUT COOKIES - 01/18/10 01:24 AM
As this is the final week we're taking orders on Girl Scout Cookies in Loudoun, this is likely to be my last post on this subject - at least until next year.  But, don't miss my prior posts with descriptions of GS cookies, and interesting recipes using GS cookies.  Remember, they are distributed but once a year, and they freeze well enough to have some for the whole year.... so order a lot!!The History Of Girl Scout CookiesGirl Scouts started selling cookies in the 1920s as fundraisers.  Just like today's typical bake sales the girls, moms and leaders would bake assorted … (5 comments)

living in loco: Trefoil Recipe: The First Girl Scout Cookie - 01/17/10 11:36 AM
Juliette Gordan Low established the Girl Scouts in 1912.  By 1917 cookie sales were being used as a fundraiser for troop activities. In July 1922, American Girl magazine, published by Girl Scout national headquarters, included the following recipe for shortbread cookies, suggesting to the girls that they could produce these cookies for 26 to 36 cents for 6 to 7 dozen cookies and to sell the cookies for 25 to 30 cents per dozen as a fundraising activity.  The recipe was supplied by Florence E Neil, a council director in Chicago.The "First" Girl Scout Cookies:  Trefoils1c butter1c sugar (plus additional for optional … (6 comments)

living in loco: Frostival! An indoor kids festival in Dulles - 01/02/10 11:47 AM
Okay, well, it is technically in Fairfax County, just barely over the county line from Loudoun, BUT.... we had a great time anyway!  And, there's one day left, so hurry on out to check out FROSTIVAL, the newest winter festival sponsored by Celebrate Fairfax and FROSTIVAL is a kids festival being held at the Dulles Exp Center (just of Rt 28 in Chantilly) - NOTE: ALL EVENTS ARE INSIDE; and this year it's  running January 1st through the 3rd.  Included with the cost of admission are several carnival style amusement rides, various inflatables - like moon bounces and such, arts and crafts, and live … (4 comments)

living in loco: LivingInLoCo: A Live Nativity in Leesburg! - 12/13/09 09:54 AM

A very special THANK YOU to the Leesburg Church of the Nazarene for the Live Nativity event my family enjoyed tonight!  This is our first time attending it, but, I hope it becomes an annual tradition.
The outdoor event is a drive through "theatre" of sorts, with eleven separate scenes depicting the biblical story of the birth of Jesus in a manger.  The scenes are acted out by more than 100 actors, and live animals including donkeys, sheep and camels.There is no cost for the event, although as you exit, they will accept donations (not ask for them, and not "suggest" donations, … (0 comments)

living in loco: LivingInLoCo: All I Want For Christmas Is To Save Landfill Space - 12/01/09 11:04 AM
All I want for Christmas is to Save Landfill Space.  Can you help?Yes, Trash and the Holidays go together.  Think of what the streets and dumpsters in your neighborhood look like on "trash days" for the days and weeks after Christmas.  It's been said that between Thanksgiving and New Years, Americans throw away an extra MILLION TONS of garbage EACH WEEK.  Really?  Ya gotta be kidding me.But, then again, think of the wrapping paper we purchase just to wrap presents and then unwrap them and throw it away.  What about all the boxes we ask for from retailers - again, just to … (3 comments)

living in loco: H1N1 Vaccinations in the Schools - 10/10/09 01:19 PM
Yes, this has some good information.  BUT, more information is now available - and getting the latest and greatest updates is important - PLEASE, refer to my more recent post and the update at the bottom.  It might be the tidbit of knowledge that saves your life: CLICK:  .
H1N1 - Vaccinations in the Schools I applaud the efforts of the Health Department, CDC and public school systems in bringing the FREE H1N1 vaccines to our schools.  The school has sent home a package, and if I sign the consent form my daughter can receive the … (1 comments)

living in loco: Trying To Lead - 10/10/09 06:16 AM
I was a Girl Scout for a short time as a child.  My leaders, while they tried and their hearts were in the right place, didn't create much opportunity. 
My first leader was a nice lady, our meetings were afterschool at her house.  She had a special needs son who was there and no one to help her manage him or her other daughter during our meetings.  We did a lot of coloring.  That's really all I remember. 
My second leader was a single mom who kept missing meetings because of her work schedule.  Eventually, she had meetings on Saturday mornings, but … (0 comments)

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