loudoun county real estate: What, No Cookies? - 05/23/12 10:52 PM
I have been working with some buyers for several months... We have looked, and looked, and looked at homes.... Foreclosures, Short Sales, Vacant Homes, Model Homes, you name it. From the time we first entered a model home, the client commented "What, no cookies?" It's true... gone are the days where you can count on getting fresh baked Otis Spunkmeyer cookies at any model home.
This became the joke... Every house we went in, someone would comment "It's nice, but there are no cookies." Or something like that. Earlier this week, I showed them 2 homes that they really really liked, … (4 comments)

loudoun county real estate: New FHA Requirements? - 06/15/11 06:27 AM
I keep hearing mumbling within the real estate about these "new" requirements for FHA loans.  It may surprise you to know most of them aren't really new requirements at all; they're old.  It's just that now they are being enforced. To understand what I am about to tell you, it's important that you recognize what an FHA loan is. On a basic level, it's a loan requiring very low down payments.  Since that makes it riskier for banks to do, the Federal Housing Administration insures the loan against default.  It works just like your homeowner or other type of insurance.  If the lending bank … (3 comments)

loudoun county real estate: Tell Congress We Need Our Mortgages To Be Tax Deductible! - 03/29/11 04:44 PM
Congress is looking at many potential revisions to the tax code, including limiting the tax deductions for mortgage interest. This change could truly have a negative impact on our local & national real estate market. We need to let Congress know we want the mortgage interest deduction to be left alone! Click the link, follow the prompts. Contacting Congress is easier than you'd think: CLICK HERE! * * * This message brought to you by your local real estate expert. Vicky Chrisner Serving Loudoun & the Dulles Area 703.669.3142 … (10 comments)

loudoun county real estate: Yes You Can Buy A Home After A Short Sale - 12/07/09 10:08 AM
Have you fallen victim to the real estate market?  Many have. You bought (or did a cash out refi) at the height of the market.  You watched your personal wealth plummet as the housing values in the neighborhood took a dive.  And, then, "life" happened - you lost your job, were transferred, got married, divorced or some other event occurred that required you to move.... but sell?  How?  You were upside down.  After considering all other alternatives, you chose between bad and worse and avoided a foreclosure by completing a short sale. Congratulations.  Now what?  Many lenders require you to wait … (0 comments)

loudoun county real estate: Automated Valuation Systems - 11/28/09 11:19 PM
What is an Automated Valuation System? It is a process whereby computers, using proprietary algorithms (aka "secret formulas") provide an estimate of value of your property. 
The first ones used were by localities, and this is where many of your assessed values were derived.
Then, public web sites started offering them. Perhaps you've heard of a "Zestimate"?
Now, even banks are getting in on the action. If you apply for a short sale or a refinance, the bank is likely to, as part of their process, go to their secret, proprietary database and do their own estimate of your property.
Is … (3 comments)

loudoun county real estate: VHDA's Got Your Down Payment - The Time To Buy Is Now - 06/10/09 08:12 AM
The Virginia Housing Development Authority has rolled out a new program allowing qualified buyers to use their expected tax credit (max of $8,000) toward the down payment or closing costs when they purchase a new home.
The program is called VHDA FHA Tax Credit Plus. This potentially could mean no money down loan options for some. Buyers must meet all requirements for the VHDA FHA loans, including the income and sales price limits imposed on all VHDA loans, which means a household of 3 can not have income that exceeds $100,000; and the sales price of the home can not exceed … (0 comments)

loudoun county real estate: Use Your $8K First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit At Closing! - 06/08/09 12:16 PM
About a week and a half ago, there was a ruling allowing home buyers to use their First Time Home Buyer Credit (a max of $8000) toward closing costs. Today, VHDA (the Virginia Housing Development Authority) rolled out their plans implementing this program, and here are the highlights:
 * The buyer's primary loan must be a VHDA FHA loan. There are income limits associated with obtaining VHDA loans, but the loans are generally below market rate. The income limits are adjusted based on family size, but for a 3 person household, the maximum income is $100,000.
 * VHDA will basically "front" … (0 comments)

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