northern virginia: As the Market Recovers, Appraisals Lag Behind - 06/02/12 12:27 PM
Today as I was discussing an appraisal issue with a couple of fellow practioners, I learned that appraisals are suddenly becoming more of an issue.  And, unlike a year ago, it's not really because appraisers that don't know the market place, but more because of the market changes.  A year ago, 6 months ago, we had a lot more distress sales in the market....and the "traditional" sellers had to compete with the distress sales in order to be able to sell.  But for the past 6 months things have been absolutely ROCKING and there has been upward pressure on sales prices... … (1 comments)

northern virginia: Shadow Inventory: Fact or Fiction? - 05/18/12 12:52 PM
Well folks, I am going to say this, loud and clear....
"But Vicky," you say, "I heard it from a little birdie that knows a lot of stuff. The foreclosures are there. The banks are holding them."
So I ask, "How does your little birdie know?" And you don't know that because you didn't ask. Or maybe he told you that he heard it from another birdie, maybe an owl who is thought to be quite wise.
"OK, fine," I say... but then I … (2 comments)

northern virginia: Northern Virginia Regional Market Statistics - 05/17/12 03:47 AM
This information, and much more, is available on my web site at and is updated regularly, so for the latest and greatest info, be sure and check out my site. HOW MUCH INVENTORY IS THERE? The real estate market is really all about "Supply and Demand", so to understand the market the first question is: How much inventory is there? In other words, how many homes are currently being marketed for sale in our area? This chart gives you the 5 year historical data on inventory levels in our Northern Virginia area: PRICING TRENDS & FACTORS: When inventory is high, … (0 comments)

northern virginia: Affordable Mountainside Chalets, Only An Hour From DC - 01/12/10 11:14 AM
About an hour from Washington DC, one can purchase a wonderful mountainside chalet or house on the river with amazing views for between $150,000 and $300,000, depending on the size, location and finishes desired. 
One local builder, Bo Welch, owner of Licking Valley Construction (LVC, for short), has really found his niche building these homes, and is doing very well, despite the changing economic conditions in past years. His business is located in Front Royal, Virginia and he builds in Winchester, Strasburg, Front Royal and throughout the Shenandoah Valley.

About half of the homes he builds are sold as primary residences.  The other … (1 comments)

northern virginia: Home Prices WILL NOT Return to 2005 Prices - Ever - 10/02/09 01:34 PM
"Home prices will NEVER return to the levels of 2005.  NEVER," said Roger Arnold, a well respected Global macro-economist, during a recent conference call with several Keller Williams Agents in the Northern Virginia area.  Of course, he meant that comment in the context of relative value when you consider affordability indexes (median home price compared to median area income), inflation, etc. He is not discouraging buying a home today, just "calling it like he sees it" for existing homeowners, himself included (and me, too).  At this point, the artificial home price inflation peaking in 2005 or the beginning of 2006, has pretty much come … (2 comments)

northern virginia: The Long and Short of a Short Sale, Part 5: Failures and Successes - 09/29/09 03:37 AM
Part 5: The Long and Short of a Short Sale: Failures and Successes This is Part 5 of a Series on Short Sales reprinted with permission from TheRealEstateWhisperer.  In this post, we discuss examples of failures and successes I've witnessed or been part of in the short sale arena.Disclosure/Disclaimer:  In this post I often talk of the listing agent or buyers agent and their practices, as if the agents were the sole deciding factor in taking these actions.  In reality, the agents should be acting only as agents, at the direction of their clients.  However, in short sales, because most consumers have … (0 comments)

northern virginia: No Matter How Unique - 07/21/09 01:55 AM
No matter how unique your situation or your needs, please remember I am here to assist you and your friends, relatives and colleagues with all your real estate needs! To remind you of this, I wish to share with you this video, found on You Tube: these homes are found who-knows-where, with your help, I'd like to put together a photo collection of the strangest homes/buildings in Northern Virginia. Send me a photo of the funniest most unique home you can find, by August 31st, for each picture of a home that is used in our video, you'll be paid $50; … (0 comments)

northern virginia: Quick Beach Getaway - 07/15/09 03:33 AM
We have many great attractions here in Loudoun County. Even so, everyone must have a change of scenery now and then. One of my family's favorite weekend or vacation getaways is the beach; we go once a year. The closest beach to us is Ocean City, Maryland, about a 3 to 4 hour drive from Loudoun. Although Ocean City is often criticized for being overly commercial; it just so happens that I like to have lots to do on my vacation! No matter your likes or budget, there is no reason to be bored. OC has some of the finest ocean … (1 comments)

northern virginia: A Few Days Without A Cell Phone: Can It Kill You? - 05/24/09 01:31 PM
A Few Days Without A Cell Phone - Can It Kill You? I think, maybe, it can. But I survived, and I am going to buy myself a Tshirt that says "I survived 4 days without a cell phone in 2009". I deserve it. It is scarier than any roller coaster I've ever been on.
These days, my phone does more than just make and receive calls. Each morning, I plug in my appointments, and add in any phone numbers or email addresses I might need for the day. I set alarms to remind me if I am running late. I … (7 comments)

northern virginia: Virginia: The STATE of the Market - 11/25/08 11:10 PM
The Virginia Association of REALTORS released it's third quarter sales report. Most consumers will be shocked to hear that, overall, sales prices are UP 1% compared to last year, and sales activity (closed sales) is down only 9.2% for the state. But, as the National Association of REALTORS is constantly trying to explain, real estate is regional. And, in reviewing this report, it is clear. Some areas have found the "bottom" of the market and have stabilized, and even started recovering. I expect other areas are still in need of deflation in pricing before they will stabilize. Clearly, price is king … (0 comments)

northern virginia: Short Sales are SELLING! - 11/05/08 03:54 PM
Some homeowners being forced to sell today are faced with a challenge because their value may be lower than the mortgage they owe.  In these cases, agents, attorneys and other professionals are stepping in to assist homeowners in negotiating with their banks to permit the sale.  For months, banks failed to realize the advantage to working with these homeowners and their agents.  But, finally, the tides are slowly turning and short sales are being approved!  This is reducing the number of home loans in default and offering options to foreclosures. 
In cases where there has been a hardship (forced relocation, death … (0 comments)

northern virginia: Northern Virginia - Homes Sales Up 53.92% in September - 10/10/08 02:40 PM
MRIS reports an increase of 53.92% in the number of home sales in Northern Virginia (Fairfax & Arlington Counties and the cities within them) when compared to the same month last year! It seems that much of the market has finally corrected, with home prices in September down about 22% from the prior year. In general, it seems that the sellers that sold dropped their prices about 10% in September, and buyers managed to bid them down ANOTHER 8%, from their listing prices. Also fueling the urgency this past month was the change in legislation requiring any buyers planning to buy … (1 comments)

northern virginia: August Stats Show Stabilizing Market in Northern Virginia - 09/15/08 01:03 AM
In reviewing the latest statistics published by the local MLS system, I continue to feel cautiously optimistic about the stabilization in our market place. Northern Virginia includes Fairfax & Arlington Counties and all of the cities within those areas. Highlights of the report include:- Inventory this month is down from 11956 active listings to 9191 active listings as of the end of August.- With 1887 newly recorded contracts last month, that indicates an inventory of approximately 4.87 months supply (NAR considers 6 months inventory a balanced market).- We continue to see confidence in the market place by investors and first time … (0 comments)

northern virginia: No More No Money Down Options - 08/11/08 04:18 AM
Buyers - do you know that "no money down" programs are disappearing?  The most popular of these programs used with FHA is the Seller Funded Down Payment Assistance program.  Recent legislation says the program will begin being phased out on October 1st.  There is little guidance, and we're not sure when you'll have to close, but you MUST have a ratified offer and FULLY APPROVED LOAN by 10/1 in order to take advantage of this program.
Thinking of buying in Northern Virginia?  Follow this link and click on the Home Search Option (  Thinking of buying in another area - contact me for a … (0 comments)

northern virginia: Continued Signs of Stabilization in Northern Virginia - 08/11/08 01:17 AM
In the last few months, I have mentioned positive trends in the real estate market within Northern Virginia, and I am pleased to say that the statistics continue to back up my statements. The region is showing signs of stabilization.July's statistics (published by MRIS) show that Northern Virginia (defined as Fairfax & Arlington Counties including the cities of Fairfax, Falls Church and Alexandria) indicate the following:* While prices are down about 13% compared to last year, sales prices took their biggest hit in January of 2008, and since then seem relatively stable with only minimal changes in average sales prices each … (1 comments)

northern virginia: Northern Virginia Statistics for Sellers - 08/01/08 12:46 PM
So, you're thinking of selling... wondering what the market's like? Here are some interesting statistics, published through the end of last quarter (June 2008)... and a bit of information about how to interpret it:In Northern Virginia (No. Virginia is defined by MRIS as Fairfax Co. & City, Alexandria, Falls Church and Arlington)* Prices of SOLD home are down about 15% from last year.* The number of homes sold are down about 5% from last year.* The average number of days a home stays on the market is 83.* The SOLD prices of homes is, on average, 93% of asking price.Who the … (3 comments)

northern virginia: A Different Kind of Agent Referral Network - 06/25/08 02:34 PM
When most agents think of real estate referrals, they automatically think of relocation referrals. But, there are local agents who can and will refer business to you, too, and perhaps more often. So, consider building a LOCAL network of referral agents. It is just one of many ways to boost the referrals you receive.Here are some examples of opportunities:Land BrokersMultifamily BrokersCommercial BrokersResidential Property Management FirmsCommercial Property Management FirmsPart Time Residential AgentsWhat it's done for me.....By establishing a relationship with a local broker who specializes in selling "teardown" properties (homes that are not habitable), I have been the recipient of several referrals, … (0 comments)

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