Thanks to innovative technology, there is an app to help us do almost anything. Some apps help agents pass time at an open house, while other apps help us stay organized and make our lives easier. As an agent, you are likely “on-the-go” all the time which can make life a little complicated.  Here...
 To those in uniform serving today and to those who have served in the past, thank you. We honor you today and everyday. 
Did you know...  I wouldn't put it past the secret service to have an invisible shield to protect its valueReference Thanks to inflation, that would have cost a whole lot more to build todayReference United We Stand Reference Check back next week for more interesting real estate facts!    Need ti...
For a lot of new buyers, understanding the mortgage process can be one of the most challenging steps of buying a home.  As an agent, it is your job to support your client through every step in the buying process. Although your client will also be working with a lender to complete the deal, you ca...
Technology has helped professionals in all industries become more efficient at their jobs, even real estate. However, that’s not to say that everything has been changed by technology. Some practices have stayed the same. Here are 5 ways real estate marketing has changed:  Brokers and Agents Old -...
Did you know…  Thank goodness it's Friday!!Reference Talk about a noteworthy milestone! ReferenceWhat do you call a germ that wants to have fun? Fungi (fun guy) Reference Check back next week for more interesting real estate facts! Need tips on how to be a successful real estate agent? 
As a real estate agent have you ever come across a property listing that you would consider to be cringe-worthy? Creating a detailed listing that will grab prospective client’s interest is not an easy task, but don’t be one of those agents that makes people cringe because your listing lacks effor...
Suzanne Trammell, a real estate agent who moved from Atlanta to Ponte Vedra Beach tells FAR magazine about how Zurple was able to help her to establish herself in a new state.   4 ways that Suzanne Trammell uses Zurple:   Discover what prospects want Zurple created a custom, IDX-enabled website ...
Did you know… Haven't found the perfect home for your client yet? Suggest the moon. What kind of commission do you think you could get for that? Reference  How many vacant houses are in your neighborhood? Sounds like it's time to start donating... Reference Drought...? What drought? Reference  Ch...
For many real estate agents, the goal of the first conversation with a prospective client is to figure out when they are looking to buy or sell. Of course this is an important issue, but it is also important to learn the details of what your prospective client is looking for - are they looking fo...

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