The way your office looks can make a huge difference in how well you are able to gain not only new agents, but clients. You already know that Real Estate is a competitive industry so do everything you can to get the upper hand and present your business in an inviting and professional way.  Here a...
In today's Agent Insights - Dusty Baker - a Real Estate Agent in Santa Barbara, California, shares his personal and professional goals, and the importance of setting goals for yourself and your business.  Here's Dusty:Does anyone else dread going to the gym in January? At the beginning of every y...
Did you know...  Eureka! It really is the golden state, isn’t it? Reference  Those are some lucky peopleReference   Yukon see it on a map! Get it? ;) Reference  Check back next week for more interesting real estate facts!     Need tips on how to be a successful real estate agent?   
Guess what? Your client is ready to purchase a home. That’s great! Time to make some money!As a real estate agent it is easy to say/do whatever you can to sell a property, but you have to remember that your business depends on referrals from satisfied clients. Sometimes your buyers can experience...
In today's Agent Insights - Karen Parsons - Fiddler, an Orange County Broker, tells us what not to do as a Real Estate Agent. Here's Karen:Don't try this at home kids....unless you are fully committed to being the best of the worst real estate agents. I'm running into agents who do not know what ...
Did you know...  I'd call that a pretty good Christmas present... Maybe even a Christmas miracle! Reference April sellers bring May movers! Reference Homesickness - What you feel when your mortgage is due every monthReference  Check back next week for more interesting real estate facts!    Need t...
Life just got a little bit sweeter for Zurple customers. Are you one of them?Our goal at Zurple is to increase the value of your individual leads - by increasing the likelihood of converting each lead into a new business opportunity. To do this, we are now integrated with® so your lea...
In today's Agent Insights - Melissa Zavala, a Broker in San Diego, California - provides tips for creating the best real estate team.  Here's Melissa: Do you have preferred partners? Do you have a great real estate team or are you interested in putting together a team? Do you have people to whom ...
Did you know...  There are also more cars in Los Angeles than there are people… no wonder there’s never any parkingReference I may be biased, but Southern California is the best ;) Reference California accounts for 9/10 most expensive housing markets in the US. We Californian’s have good taste! R...
For commission based businesses, referrals, marketing and advertising are the what keeps the business alive. I know what you’re thinking: “aren’t marketing and advertising the same thing?” Most of the business-world bundles marketing and advertising together as a way to get products to prospects ...

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