Craigslist...remember that? Before Facbeook was all the rage, it was Craigslist. Much like how we complain about Facebook's changes today...Craigslist made so many changes that caused real estate agents to leave the platform almost entirely.However! Here is why we think Craigslist is worth a seco...
We have participated in many forums throughout the past few years. And one question that seems to always pop up is "Where do I find FSBOs?" They are a pain to convert but can be a substantial source of income for real estate agents. Here are the most popular sources to find home sellers who could...
Back by popular demand, Zurple’s Vice-President, Jack Markham, will be hosting Tech or Bust II – generating referrals and keeping real estate personable. As part of this webinar mini-series, Jack will be uncovering how to use technology to your advantage when generating referrals from online mark...
We are curious to what everybody thinks about Video Messaging. It seems to be the latest craze in Real Estate Marketing. To clarify, this is different than real estate videos. Video messages for real estate is what it sounds like, a video you record of yourself sent directly to a lead, prospect, ...

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