lead generation: Generate Leads with These 4 Free Tools - 08/21/19 01:28 PM
School is back in session, giving parents extra time to renovate, research, or look at homes. Make sure you are staying consistent with your real estate marketing efforts to ensure you are acquiring constitent business. 
Here are 4 Free Downloads to Generate Business This Fall1. Home Buyers Guidebook
Share this book (personalized with your contact info!) with your buyer leads to help guide them through the process.
Click to download the customizable book
2. Social Media Post Library
Use these social media posts to supplement your existing online presence.
Click to download the Social Media Library
3. Royalty Free Image Archive
Here are free images that you can use … (0 comments)

lead generation: Using Pokemon Go to Find Real Estate Clients - 02/27/19 09:09 AM
Hi Active Rain!
I recently came across this article about a Canadian real estate agent that plays Pokemon Go, and uses it to build his database of clientele: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/pokemon-go-leads-to-love-wealth-friendship-1.4997354
And as weird as it sounds to use Pokemon to generate yourself more business, it makes a whole lot of sense to use your secret guilty pleasures to build relationships.
With Pokemon Go specifically, there is already a thriving community of players that gather to play this game in real life. Surprisingly it is the perfect demographic for home buyers and home sellers, as parents are joining the childrent to play and kids who played Pokemon when it … (0 comments)

lead generation: 3 Ways to Attract Business in the Slow Season - 09/26/18 02:04 PM
The slow season is when you should start ramping up your marketing. Some agents will relax a little to spend time with their family for the upcoming holidays. This is an ideal time to do your planning for now and 2019.
Here Is What You Should Do Now To Attract Business in Q4:1. Leverage Your AutomationYou likely have a CRM that can schedule out emails and/or social posts. This is the perfect time to start scheduling holiday greeting, birthday greetings, and anniversaries. For greetings on social media, most platforms that allow post scheduling will not allow you to post onto somebody's personal wall … (0 comments)

lead generation: LIVE Real Estate Webinar 6/19 - 06/12/18 10:41 AM
Back by popular demand, Zurple’s Vice-President, Jack Markham, will be hosting Tech or Bust II – generating referrals and keeping real estate personable. As part of this webinar mini-series, Jack will be uncovering how to use technology to your advantage when generating referrals from online marketing initiatives.
How to Join –
Register by visiting the link below. After registering you’ll receive a confirmation email from Zurple Advocacy. On the day of the webinar you’ll receive a second email from Zurple Advocacy with a link to join the live webinar.
When is It - 
Tuesday, June 19th @12 PM PST
Registration Deadline - 
Tuesday, June 19th @11 AM PST … (0 comments)

lead generation: Lead Generation Best Practices - 01/12/18 07:57 AM
We have a few more weeks before we can stop saying "It's a new year". Technically, it's always a new year and there is no need to wait for the earth to make a full revolution around the sun to evaluate your business practices. It certainly is a good reminder though!
Here are a few action items we would like to remind you of when it comes to lead follow up. We hope most of you are aware of these, but we know some of you might be guilty for not practicing them.
1. Be the First to Respond
Hopefully you have heard of … (1 comments)

lead generation: 12 Days of Giveaways: Day Six - 12/15/17 03:29 PM
On the sixth day of Christmas, Zurple gave to me six seller leads through social media.
It's winter...people want to stay inside and binge watch somethign on Netflix while wrapped up in a blanket drinking hot choloate. You got to admit, that sounds nice. I'm sure some agents are taking a break this winter too...but that doesn't mean you have to! There are plenty of marketing strategies that drive return on investment that you can implement. If you want to start small, post this infographic to yoru Facebook to capture seller leads. Share with seller leads why now is the time to … (2 comments)

lead generation: 5 Lead Closing Tools You Need to Try ASAP - 07/20/17 04:20 PM
It’s the beginning of Q3 and you likely have a few leads left in your pipeline. Many buyers are likely caught up with summer plans and have not officially began their home search. Sellers know it’s a hot market, but they too are likely taking advantage of the summer months too. Don’t miss out on leads before the summer ends, use these lead closing tools to turn them into clients.
Give leads the extra push they need with these 5 lead closing tools.
Customizable Infographic - Your Lead’s Ideal Neighborhood Quiz
Share this quiz through social media or in your next email campaign to receive … (4 comments)

lead generation: This Strategy Generates Real Estate Leads from Social Media - 04/18/17 04:29 PM
In order to generate leads online, agents need to start with a strong social media precense. Agents who generate leas online spend less time cold calling FSBOs and knocking door to door. Follow these tips to develop a social media strategy that finds and converts Real Estate leads.
Follow these tips to create a social media strategy that generates Real Estate leads:
Think LocalHyper-local seo practices will increase your chances for attracting attention from local buyers and sellers. Hyper-local SEO is the practice of increasing the visibility of a website or web page in a search engine’s unpaid search results in your local markets. … (2 comments)

lead generation: How to Write Market Reports that Attract Real Estate Leads - 04/14/17 03:16 PM
Market reports are not every agent's favorite activity. However, studies show agents who commit to this data-driven process gain qualified leads. We’ve provided the steps to creating your first market report and what to expect in return for churning reports for your target market on a consistent basis.

Follow these 7 steps to create Real Estate market reports: 
Choose Your TopicReport on local markets, nationwide reports, most noteworthy listings in your surrounding area, or market reviews & predictions. Which topic you write about will depend on your brokerage's business model and the type of Real Estate leads you want to attract.
Choose … (2 comments)

lead generation: How Real Estate Agents Can Find Seller Leads Before They List - 03/24/17 01:58 PM
Today’s market of low inventory and eager home buyers has made it important for brokerages to have a steady flow of listings. Many agents fail to find enough listings because they spend way too much time relying on traditional marketing tactics such as contacting expired listings and cold calling. Being strategic about seller lead generation will not only increase your number of listings, but it will also save you time.
Here are 9 strategic ways to find seller leads before they list:
Access the county’s delinquent tax list or use a data provider to access your county’s delinquent tax list
Contact your … (0 comments)

lead generation: Friday Freebies: 5 Tools to Prospect Leads Online - 03/23/17 08:35 AM
Without a robust lead generation program or online marketing skillset, prospecting for leads can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. We’ve provided these 5 free tools to help you find real estate leads online, so that you can spend more time with clients in person and less time in front of a computer.
Use these 5 Free Tools to Prospect Leads Online: Freebie #1: Considering Zillow Premier Agent?: Download the Zillow Success Tool Kit
If you’re thinking about signing up for Zillow Premier Agent, consider this guide first. Our step by step instructions will make sure you receive positive results with Zillow’s ad program.
Freebie … (1 comments)

lead generation: 10 Real Estate Networking Tips to Live By - 02/14/17 03:43 PM
The life of a realtor is a never-ending networking event. Each person you meet is a potential lead, or may even have a referral (including other agents and real estate industry professionals). It’s important to stay connected and network with your local community members if your business is to survive. The internet may have changed some of the rules of the game, but other networking and lead generation tactics have stood the test of time. We’ve put together this list of Real Estate networking tips that all agents should live by no matter the latest social media trend or hottest CRM … (9 comments)

lead generation: 9 Ways to Find Real Estate Seller Leads in 2017 - 02/10/17 02:32 PM
According to Inman 2017 is looking like a sellers market once again. Most agents already know all the old school tricks to finding seller leads, like calling FSBO and expired listings. Capturing seller leads the in 2017 Real Estate market will require technology and a bit of creativity. We thought of these new and old marketing strategies that are underutilized by most agents.
Capture More Seller Leads with these Marketing Strategies:
Launch Social Media Ads:
Many agents (including Zurple agents) have experienced success with social media ads. In today's world most consumers check their social media news feed several times a day, making Facebook, Yelp, … (3 comments)

lead generation: How to Get More Seller Leads in 2016 - 07/26/16 07:05 AM

Have you tried everything possible in order to generate seller leads? In such a hot market sometimes it’s hard to get ahead of the curve since finding qualified leads is a numbers game. Working with seller leads can not only be beneficial because it allows you to have more control over your time, but it also allows you to work with more than one client at a time without feeling completely overwhelmed.
Here are 3 tips to help you generate more seller leads this year: Leverage your clients Show your appreciation to your all of your current clients. Remember, they had a choice … (0 comments)

lead generation: Best of 2015: Lead Generation & Engagement - 12/31/15 12:17 AM
Generating and engaging with leads is necessary to grow your real estate business. Our Agent Success Blog features several lead generation and engagement posts - here's our most popular blogs from 2015.
Top 5 Most Popular Real Estate Lead Generation & Engagement Posts of 2015: Number One:
There's No Such Thing as a Dead Real Estate Lead There's a misconception that online leads are worthless - but it's simply not true. To effectively convert online leads...(Full post)
Number Two:
Want Leads to Respond to Your Real Estate Emails? Having trouble getting leads to respond to your emails? Use these tricks to optimize your real estate … (1 comments)

lead generation: Generating Leads During the Holidays: A How to Guide - 12/10/15 11:59 PM
Real estate marketing can be tough during the holiday season as it's typically a slower time for sales . People aren’t as focused on the real estate market and can often put buying or selling a home on hold until the new year. To help set you up for success this season, we’ve put together a “how-to” guide for generating real estate leads during the holidays. Don’t slow down just because it’s typically a slower time of year for the real estate industry.
Your How-To Guide for Generating Leads This Season: 
Start Blogging:
Nowadays almost every lead begins their real estate search online whether … (2 comments)