marketing: 12 Days of Giveaways: Day Six - 12/15/17 03:29 PM
On the sixth day of Christmas, Zurple gave to me six seller leads through social media.
It's winter...people want to stay inside and binge watch somethign on Netflix while wrapped up in a blanket drinking hot choloate. You got to admit, that sounds nice. I'm sure some agents are taking a break this winter too...but that doesn't mean you have to! There are plenty of marketing strategies that drive return on investment that you can implement. If you want to start small, post this infographic to yoru Facebook to capture seller leads. Share with seller leads why now is the time to … (2 comments)

marketing: 5 Lead Closing Tools You Need to Try ASAP - 07/20/17 04:20 PM
It’s the beginning of Q3 and you likely have a few leads left in your pipeline. Many buyers are likely caught up with summer plans and have not officially began their home search. Sellers know it’s a hot market, but they too are likely taking advantage of the summer months too. Don’t miss out on leads before the summer ends, use these lead closing tools to turn them into clients.
Give leads the extra push they need with these 5 lead closing tools.
Customizable Infographic - Your Lead’s Ideal Neighborhood Quiz
Share this quiz through social media or in your next email campaign to receive … (4 comments)

marketing: 8 Real Estate Marketing Ideas for 2017 - 07/14/17 01:53 PM


 Zurple has countless free marketing materials for real estate agents in our Agent Success Center. For everything from listing presentation templates to marketing flyers, we’ve got you covered. Access our free database here:


marketing: Agent Insights - The Difference Between Marketing & Advertising - 05/01/17 02:19 PM
In today's Agent Insights - Kenneth Jones - an award winning, real estate broker and appraiser shares the key differences between marketing and advertising. It's important agents understand the difference between these two in order to implement a succesful marketing strategy for their Real Estate business.
Here's Kenneth:The difference between marketing and advertising is . . .
I don't want to seem like I'm prolonging what should be a simple answer, but I really want you to UNDERSTAND this - not just THINK you understand this.
We've all heard the words "marketing" and "advertising." Especially, if you're involved with selling your home, you've probably heard agents … (0 comments)

marketing: 4 Ways Agents Can Go Green & Get the Green this Earth Day - 04/20/17 03:05 PM
Today is Earth Day. First established in 1970, Earth day brings awareness to environmental protection. Having your brokerage go green is not only good for the environment, it’s good for business! Companies that implement measures reap PR awards, increased brand recognition, and reduced waste. Be sure to implement the following practices to not only help the environment, but also your business. 
Real Estate Agents Should Take Advantage of these 4 Marketing Opportunities: Pass Out Green Pop-By Gifts:Pop-by gifts are a timeless marketing tactic. Pop-by gifts are small gifts agents leave while going go door to door or while visiting an old lead or … (2 comments)

marketing: Agent Insights - What are the Six C's to Starting a Real Estate Blog? - 03/28/17 08:39 AM
In today's Agent Insights - Lynn Pineda - a Florida based Keller Williams agent, shares six steps to starting and keeping a succesful Real Estate blog.
Here's Lynn:Why should you start a Real Estate Blog?
How could you possibly write a blog is your first I right?! How could I possibly know? I was once there where you are now, when I began blogging. I thought, what do I know about blogging as I felt pretty green. Yet, I forged full steam ahead not really sure of what my efforts would reveal other than being told blogging would be important for growing my … (1 comments)

marketing: Is Car Wrapping Tacky or Tactful in Real Estate? - 03/09/17 11:44 AM
Some agents swear by this form of marketing, others find it distasteful. So, are car wraps okay in today's competitive Real Estate market? Some unanswered questions we have:
-Are car wraps only okay for certain markets (i.e. okay for single family homes, but not luxury)?
-Are car wraps associated with other industries, thus not appropriate for Real Estate (i.e. Mary Kay, Herbalife, other local businesses)?
-Is it essentially the same thing as a bus stop or bench advertisement, making it okay?
-Is it unsafe (Ex: has anyone encountered any stalkers)?
Please let us know in the comments! 

Best Regards,
Zurple Marketing Team

marketing: 11 Completely Unnecessary Expenses Brokerages Waste Money On - 02/24/17 03:17 PM
As a broker it's important to keep your firm's expenses low. It’s easy to let agents get carried away with office goodies, but business is business. Keep an eye out for unnecessary expenses before you start noticing a hole in your company’s pocket.
Here are 12 items you can cut from your brokerage's expense sheet:
Swag Items 
Unless you're passing out personalized coffee thermos, pens, notepads, etc. to potential leads, having a ton for the office is nice, but does not increase your client base.
Magazine Subsciptions
Make sure all your office’s magazine subscriptions have a purpose. Are agents reading articles they could otherwise access … (2 comments)

marketing: 15 Mistakes to Avoid When Giving A Listing Presentation - 02/17/17 02:52 PM
Listing presentations with new leads can be daunting, if you're not prepared that is. This initial meet and greet is the most important factor in whether new leads will choose you as an agent. Sure, not every lead is going to like you and rejection is certain. However, there are certain instances when agents had a missed opportunity to convert a lead into a client. We’ve compiled this short list of common mistakes agents make when marketing their services. 
Avoid these common mistakes in your next listing presentation with a new lead:

1. Reading off of a Script
There’s nothing wrong with rehearsing your … (9 comments)

marketing: Baby Boomers Are on the Move - 02/16/17 03:18 PM
In today's Agent Insights - Luther Sanchez - a Los Angeles based Century 21 Allstar Agent, shares how agents can save time managing their business's social media profiles.
Here's Luther: Boomers Are Movers According to a Merrill Lynch study, “an estimated 4.2 million retirees moved into a new home last year alone.” Two-thirds of retirees say that they are likely to move at least once during retirement.
As one participant in the study stated:
“In retirement, you have the chance to live anywhere you want. Or you can just stay where you are. There hasn’t been another time in life when we’ve had that kind … (1 comments)

marketing: Friday Freebies: 5 Tools to Brand Your Brokerage in 2017 - 02/15/17 01:39 PM
With the start of a new year, you are probably thinking of new Real Estate branding ideas. Maybe you've got your personal branding down, but don't know what to do with the rest of your team members. We've compiled these 5 free tools to help brand your brokerage. 
Drive Leads to Your Real Estate Website with these 5 Tools:Freebie #1: Design a strong brokerage logo: 5 Keys to Successful Logo Design
This guide will get your brokerage started with the 5 rules to creating a killer logo. This guide includes examples of big brands implementing these 5 rules, as well as case study summaries.
Freebie #2: : Enhance … (1 comments)

marketing: 9 Ways to Find Real Estate Seller Leads in 2017 - 02/10/17 02:32 PM
According to Inman 2017 is looking like a sellers market once again. Most agents already know all the old school tricks to finding seller leads, like calling FSBO and expired listings. Capturing seller leads the in 2017 Real Estate market will require technology and a bit of creativity. We thought of these new and old marketing strategies that are underutilized by most agents.
Capture More Seller Leads with these Marketing Strategies:
Launch Social Media Ads:
Many agents (including Zurple agents) have experienced success with social media ads. In today's world most consumers check their social media news feed several times a day, making Facebook, Yelp, … (3 comments)

marketing: Ways to Spend Time with Social Media & SEO Practices - 02/10/17 02:18 PM
In today's Agent Insights - George Suoto - a Connecticut based loan originator, shares how agents can save time managing their business's social media profiles.
Here's George:
Social media can be time consuming, and there are other things like family and work which are a higher priority for me. Finding time to blog and comment on ActiveRain, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, and tweet can be challenging some days. However it’s important to be consistent in finding time to allocate to Social Media in order to increase my business. Today more so than ever before, businesses and consumers are turning to Social Media to connect and discover us. Therefore, professionals … (2 comments)

marketing: Your Pop-By Plan for 2017 - 02/07/17 03:52 PM
Real Estate is a people business. As you likely know, finding leads is one thing, converting them into clients is another is a whole other art form. Modern technology may have made easy to find leads online, but ever more difficult to connect in person. We’ve revamped this old school marketing tactic to help you convert more leads in 2017.
Here is Your Step By Step Plan to Creating a Pop-by Plan:
Segment Your Audience:
Before creating custom gift baskets, think of a strategic approach to your pop-by plan. First make a list of all the leads you plan to contact. These could either … (2 comments)

marketing: Agent Insights - Everyone Should Know What You Do - 01/27/17 03:26 PM
In today's Agent Insights - Lisa Fettner - a registered Real Estate agent and Vice President of Referral Agent shares the secret to a succesful referral-based Real Estate career.
Here's Lisa:
As a Real Estate agent, you are always looking for ways to connect with new clients. You may consider ads, bulk mailings, postcards, cold calls, but one of the keys to new connections—and it’s an easy one that doesn’t cost you anything– is just making sure that everyone you come into contact with knows what you do for a living!
Your close family already knows you’re in real estate, but do your cousins? … (3 comments)

marketing: How Real Estate Agents Can Take Advantage of the Super Bowl - 01/27/17 03:15 PM
For Real Estate agents the Super Bowl means those slower winter months have begun wearing off and the busy season is upon us. Take this major event (which is practically a holiday) as a way to jumpstart the Real Estate season!

 Here’s 6 Ways to Leverage the Super Bowl for Real Estate Success:

1. Creat New Social Media Content:
As part of the 80/20 rule, Real Estate businesses should be keep 20% of their content related to their brand and the other 80%, not. Ask followers if they caught this year’s live Snickers commercial or that epic intercepted pass.

2. Blog Super Bowl Related Content … (1 comments)

marketing: How Driving for Uber Helped My Real Estate Business - 01/13/17 10:01 AM
In today's Agent Insights - Dustin Brohm - a Salt Lake City Realtor, shares how becoming an Uber driver ended up helping his Real Estate business.
Here's Dustin:
Grow Your Business by Driving for UberWould you be interested to learn how to actually get paid to network and build your list of business contacts? At first glance, it probably sounds absurd. Can driving for Uber really help you get more real estate business? (Spoiler alert: YES!) Honestly, I was skeptical too when one of my mentors in business recommended that I drive for Uber to grow my business and get more leads, and make some … (3 comments)