marketing best practices: As a Real Estate Agent is it Appropriate to Say Merry Christmas? - 11/28/17 12:50 PM
With Thanksgiving done and Christmas around the corner, you are likely preparing for the holidays. Many real estate agents send out holiday greeting cards by mail, email, or on social media. After all Holiday cards offer agents the opportunity to connect with past clients, generate referrals, and grow their contact base. However, there is much debate as to whether it’s appropriate for agents to wish their clients a “Merry Christmas”. Below we’ve outlined a few considerations for your holiday planning:

Contact Base Demographics -
As an agent you know your market. Consider what holidays contacts in your market may celebrate. Many businesses … (5 comments)

marketing best practices: Agent Insights - The Difference Between Marketing & Advertising - 05/01/17 02:19 PM
In today's Agent Insights - Kenneth Jones - an award winning, real estate broker and appraiser shares the key differences between marketing and advertising. It's important agents understand the difference between these two in order to implement a succesful marketing strategy for their Real Estate business.
Here's Kenneth:The difference between marketing and advertising is . . .
I don't want to seem like I'm prolonging what should be a simple answer, but I really want you to UNDERSTAND this - not just THINK you understand this.
We've all heard the words "marketing" and "advertising." Especially, if you're involved with selling your home, you've probably heard agents … (0 comments)

marketing best practices: 30 Real Estate Email Subject Lines that Entice Leads - 04/28/17 03:44 PM
Email marketing isn’t dead, you may need to just revamp your current campaign. When buyer and seller leads are navigating through their inbox or spam folders, they’re deciding in less than seconds whether an email is worth their time. In fact, one study found 69% of email recipients report email as spam, based on the subject line alone. Email subject lines are a huge component of successful email campaigns. Subject lines, if done correctly, will entice readers to open your emails, not mark them as spam.
Use this list of Real Estate email subject lines to increase your email open rates:
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marketing best practices: 6 Tools That'll Help You Land Your Next Listing Presentation - 04/20/17 03:15 PM
Preparing for a listing presentation is no walk in the park. This technological age has leads demanding more out of agents. The good news is that technology has allowed agents to prepare detailed presentations in less time. There is now technology to help agents do everything from creating CMA reports to rehearsing their presentation speech. Use the tools below to create and present a stellar listing presentation.
Turn leads into clients with these 6 listing presentation tools:Hubspot’s 13 Ebook TemplatesSet your listing presentation apart from other agents, by using an e-book or White Papers instead of a PowerPoint presentation, you’ll leave leads … (1 comments)

marketing best practices: 4 Ways Agents Can Go Green & Get the Green this Earth Day - 04/20/17 03:05 PM
Today is Earth Day. First established in 1970, Earth day brings awareness to environmental protection. Having your brokerage go green is not only good for the environment, it’s good for business! Companies that implement measures reap PR awards, increased brand recognition, and reduced waste. Be sure to implement the following practices to not only help the environment, but also your business. 
Real Estate Agents Should Take Advantage of these 4 Marketing Opportunities: Pass Out Green Pop-By Gifts:Pop-by gifts are a timeless marketing tactic. Pop-by gifts are small gifts agents leave while going go door to door or while visiting an old lead or … (2 comments)

marketing best practices: Common Lead Nurturing Mistakes Every Agent Makes (& How to Fix Them) - 01/13/17 02:47 PM
One of the biggest pitfalls of highly qualified agents is spending too much time finding leads, but not enough time nurturing them. Inman says agents should follow the 80/20 rule, 80% of their time nurturing leads, 20% of their time finding leads. Think about your last in person purchase: Did you buy from the attentive store clerk who guided you through the entire purchase process? Or the clerk who simply greeted you, but then moved onto other customers? We’ve identified 7 common lead nurturing mistakes so that your leads make their final purchase from you!
Get Leads Through The Sales Funnel … (2 comments)

marketing best practices: Free eBook: Social Media 101 for Marketing Strategies - 12/23/15 12:14 AM
Social media is quickly dominating real estate marketing strategies. Make sure you have the knowledge and tools to set you and you're business up for success!
Check out our Free eBook:Social 101: A Guide for Real Estate Professionals
If you’ve already begun using social media as part of your real estate marketing strategy, then you’ll enjoy our Social 101 eBook. The information-packed book features descriptions, stats and benefits for using Facebook, Twitter and more. Learn how to effectively build your real estate business using the most popular social media platforms as part of your marketing strategy.
Get your free copy: 
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