real estate leads: Why Your Online Leads Aren't Talking to You - 07/03/19 08:09 AM
Do your leads often become unresponsive? If so, you're not alone in facing this common challenge amongst real estate agents. In Zurple's upcoming webinar, we uncover why leads become unresponsive and the best practices to keep them engaged.
Join us Tuesday, July 16 @ 12pm PST to learn Why Your Online Leads Aren't Talking To You.Reserve Your Seat![SPOILER ALERT, it’s not about luck, quality of online leads, or years of experience]
Doug Cherry, Zurple's Director of Sales, will be sharing insights into online consumer behavior and how to make your leads responsive. You'll learn how to leverage lead behavior to convert these online … (0 comments)

real estate leads: LIVE Real Estate Webinar 6/19 - 06/12/18 10:41 AM
Back by popular demand, Zurple’s Vice-President, Jack Markham, will be hosting Tech or Bust II – generating referrals and keeping real estate personable. As part of this webinar mini-series, Jack will be uncovering how to use technology to your advantage when generating referrals from online marketing initiatives.
How to Join –
Register by visiting the link below. After registering you’ll receive a confirmation email from Zurple Advocacy. On the day of the webinar you’ll receive a second email from Zurple Advocacy with a link to join the live webinar.
When is It - 
Tuesday, June 19th @12 PM PST
Registration Deadline - 
Tuesday, June 19th @11 AM PST … (0 comments)

real estate leads: Closing Online Leads in 2018 - What You Should Know - 01/17/18 01:22 PM
Hey Active Rainers!
Just a heads up, Zurple's vice-president and creator of Market Leader's Million Dollar Pipeline, Jack Markham will be hosting a special webinar next Tuesday, January 23 to teach real estate agents about:
Identifying specific online lead behaviors to look out for Calculating your monthly lead goals Determining a sustainable monthly lead mix for your business This is a LIVE webinar, so please feel free to come prepared with questions. Jack will be using Zurple's Lead Generation Guidebook as supplemental material for the webinar, so please feel free to download it even if you are unable to attend. (All registrants should be receiving … (0 comments)

real estate leads: 12 Days of Giveaways: Day Four - 12/14/17 07:44 AM
When does a client begin to consider you as “their agent?” Studies show you’ll need at least 5 touches annually before this will happen. Pop-By gifts are one of the most cost-effective ways to make those touches and ultimately generate more referrals. That’s why Zurple is sending you this complimentary Pop-By Planner for Christmas, to help you make the most of your existing contact base.


real estate leads: 12 Days of Giveaways: Day Two - 12/12/17 11:55 AM
On the second day of Christmas, Zurple gave to me…two referral leads!

The holidays are the perfect time to get personal with your contacts. Holiday cards offer a reliable and affordable option to connect with contacts. Send your prospects these holiday cards to keep top of mind with your client base. Each of these cards are real estate themed and print instructions.  To download your real estate themed holiday day cards, click the link below. 


real estate leads: 4 Ways Agents Can Go Green & Get the Green this Earth Day - 04/20/17 03:05 PM
Today is Earth Day. First established in 1970, Earth day brings awareness to environmental protection. Having your brokerage go green is not only good for the environment, it’s good for business! Companies that implement measures reap PR awards, increased brand recognition, and reduced waste. Be sure to implement the following practices to not only help the environment, but also your business. 
Real Estate Agents Should Take Advantage of these 4 Marketing Opportunities: Pass Out Green Pop-By Gifts:Pop-by gifts are a timeless marketing tactic. Pop-by gifts are small gifts agents leave while going go door to door or while visiting an old lead or … (2 comments)

real estate leads: 10 Ridiculous Lies Agents Tell Real Estate Leads & Clients - 04/20/17 11:29 AM
The home buying and selling process is no walk in the park. Sometimes a few white lies are okay to help ease clients and leads. This list is not true for all agents and is intended to make you laugh. Enjoy this list of ten ridiculous fibs Real Estate agents tell their clients and leads.
Ten Ridiculous Lies Some Agents Are Guilty Of telling Real Estate Leads & Clients:1. Lie: I am the only agent using the internet in this town.
Truth: I am not the only agent with internet access, but I am setting the bar with my high ranking website, IDX home search … (4 comments)

real estate leads: Texting Real Estate Leads & Clients: When is it Appropriate? - 02/01/16 02:28 AM

Text messaging continues to become more commonly used as a way to communicate with real estate leads and clients - but is it always appropriate?
While sending text messages to real estate leads and clients can be convenient, if it’s done in the wrong manner it can be detrimental to a working  relationship or even appear to be lazy and unprofessional. Real estate agents need to be careful when deciding when to send a text message instead of emailing or calling leads and clients, so we’ve compiled some pros and cons to help you decide.
The Pros: Quick Response Time: If your day … (1 comments)

real estate leads: Best of 2015: Lead Generation & Engagement - 12/31/15 12:17 AM
Generating and engaging with leads is necessary to grow your real estate business. Our Agent Success Blog features several lead generation and engagement posts - here's our most popular blogs from 2015.
Top 5 Most Popular Real Estate Lead Generation & Engagement Posts of 2015: Number One:
There's No Such Thing as a Dead Real Estate Lead There's a misconception that online leads are worthless - but it's simply not true. To effectively convert online leads...(Full post)
Number Two:
Want Leads to Respond to Your Real Estate Emails? Having trouble getting leads to respond to your emails? Use these tricks to optimize your real estate … (1 comments)

real estate leads: Timing Is Everything - Follow Up With Online Leads When... - 12/17/15 12:39 AM
With technology as prevalent as it is in today’s real estate industry, customer relationship management (CRM) and automated systems are now used to communicate with online leads more often than not. Yes, automated systems can be great for real estate follow-up because they can communicate with your leads sooner than you may be able to - but waiting too long to reach out to them yourself can negatively impact those potential opportunities.
If you use a real estate CRM or an automated system, it’s important to know when the best time is to step in and reach out to them yourself. Knowing when the … (0 comments)

real estate leads: Want Leads to Respond to Your Real Estate Emails? Try This - 12/09/15 12:44 AM
Having trouble getting real estate leads to respond to your emails or even click back to your website? Well, we’ve got you covered! Constructing a great real estate marketing email can be a task, but we’ve compiled a few strategies (besides the obvious) to help you optimize your content and encourage leads to engage with you. Get the best response and click-thru rates by using these email optimization tips.
Use these tricks to optimize your real estate emails: 
1. Establish an objective.
Whenever you’re writing an email to a real estate lead (about anything) there should be a clear point made. It’s important to … (33 comments)

real estate leads: Strategies for Converting Real Estate Leads This Winter - 12/04/15 01:32 AM
Wait! Don’t throw in the towel just yet! Just because it’s chilly outside doesn’t mean it’s time to hibernate from your real estate leads until next year. While the Real Estate market typically slows down during the winter months, it can also be a great time for converting real estate leads. 
Use these strategies to convert leads this winter: 
Make accommodations.Unless you’re one of the lucky few who get to enjoy sunshine, you and your market will probably get hit with winter weather in the next few months. It’s important to make accommodations for your potential clients to help them during the buying or selling process. For instance, … (1 comments)