video: 6 Topic Ideas for Real Estate Videos - 08/29/19 09:17 AM
Are you already creating video content and need more ideas? Or have you not started, and need ideas to get you going? Wel...
Here are 7 Ideas for Real Estate Videos1. Neighborhood ShowcaseAn easy compilation of important landmarks of your neighborhood. Educate (and entertain) your audience by showing off local businesses, public art, parks, places to take your family, etc. Even better is if you can make a "Top 10"-type list. Top 10 Family Owned Restaurants. Top 10 Things to Do in My City.
2. Live Virtual TourWhy not show off your new listing to your followers via a LIVE broadcast? You can … (0 comments)

video: Before Hiring a Videographer - - 04/17/19 11:31 AM
If you are hiring a videographer to shoot a real estate video, there is one important detail to keep in mind:
Post the video to one account firstBe sure to either have it in writing or discuss it with your videographer beforehand. Only post to one account when you launch the video - otherwise you will be either competing with yourself or your videographer.
Why? Two Reasons...
1. You are competing with yourself or your videographerYou don't want to divide the attention of your online prospects. Focus it in one location wether it be Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. Posting the video to YouTube and Instagram at … (0 comments)