miami condo: Forecasts For Miami’s Condo Market In 2008 - 04/14/08 05:53 AM
The conditions in the city of Miami these days have been interesting lately, and despite the predictions of doom, it’s a fact that this surely is a gloomy year, but it won’t be like that for long, according to analysts. The conditions in the Miami waterfront condo market are not that stellar, as are most markets, as a lot of buyers continue to wait in the sidelines, looking for prices to considerably fall and are waiting for signs that the market is improving. An Influx Of Overseas Buyers Is Keeping The Market Afloat According to local property brokers, the area’s condo … (0 comments)

miami condo: Miami Beach Real Estate: A Review of Current Condo Market Inventories - 03/09/08 08:57 PM
The city of Miami Beach is one of the United States' most fashionable and one of the truly coveted destinations. The city is a famous tourist, fashion and entertainment, film, fine dining and premier arts and culture destination. However, nothing best defines the city's characteristic more than the unique, highly artistic, architectural landscape being painted by Miami Beach condos and South Beach condos. Miami Beach is known as an International Mecca for travel, business and to establish a home. From its small hotels with unique designs that line up along lower Collins Avenue and Ocean Drive, to its major upmarket hotel … (1 comments)

miami condo: How The Real Estate Slowdown Is Affecting The Miami-Dade Condo Market - 03/08/08 03:59 PM
Imagine this: You're smack in bed asleep, in your newly rented Miami condo, only to be awakened by someone knocking at your door first hour in the morning. You suddenly find out that on the other side of that door is a sheriff, who is there to serve your landlord one of many Florida foreclosure notices. As sad as it may seem, this unfortunately is all too common a scene to many tenants of South Florida condominiums. While many say that the housing slump is not going to be that protracted and bloody, just how is it felt in many condo … (0 comments)

miami condo: How The Miami Condominium Market Is Weathering The Housing Slump - 03/03/08 11:12 PM
At present, a lot of talk hovers on the worries and concerns related to the current real estate "bubble" , and this seems to be on the mind of almost everyone who is part of the housing market, as well as potential buyers. Wherever this concern arises, the state of Florida, and particularly South Florida, grabs a lot of scrutiny and attention. Although the property markets here are hit hard too, the main difference in South Florida, and basically other markets too, is the area's access to home buyers from literally all over the world. Where Most Prospective Home Buyers Come … (0 comments)

miami condo: Miami Beach Real Estate: Taking A Close Look At The Apartment Rental Markets - 03/03/08 01:16 PM
Amid the slowdown in South Florida's housing boom, developers have been noted to be on a buying binge of many rental apartments, and are turning these into condominiums, and these are done at a much faster pace. Why the recent condo conversion binge? According to market analysts, Across the Miami-Dade county and extended areas, home builders and developers have sought to take advantage of the strong, and sometimes frenzied demand for condos by converting many apartment units into condos. Many view that this scenario allows developers to avoid the hassles of actually erecting a new structure, and would also allow prospective … (0 comments)

miami condo: How Condo Conversions Are Changing The Miami Beach Condo Market - 02/23/08 07:30 PM
Condominiums are today viewed as alternative living options for people who have varying lifestyles. These housing units are made wherein individual unit buyers get the rights to the interior units, and own the building's other facilities on a coop basis, wherein they share this with the other residents of the complex. Those who consider themselves too busy need not have to worry about the day-to-day upkeep, which is the norm when owning a standard single-family home. Instead, they are given the preference to pay a monthly fee and defer other maintenance decisions to their specific condo homeowner associations. These types of … (0 comments)

miami condo: Pre-Construction Investment On High-End Miami Condos - 02/19/08 04:26 PM
Miami Beach is one of the premier places of condo building. All throughout the area, condominiums have risen, making it the site of choice for people wanting the urban lifestyle. But buying a condo doesn’t only mean cash out for you; in fact, you can also gain money from it.
Real Estate Investments
Investing on real estate can be very lucrative. It may seem risky, but it is actually safe since you are legally protected by law. It has been proven through history that wealth comes from real estate and some of the hottest pieces of property now are the high-end … (2 comments)

miami condo: Miami Beach Condo Hot Spots - 02/16/08 05:08 PM
Condo lifestyle is now the common trend of living whether you are single or family bounded. Living in a condo gives you that feeling of city life yet the comforts of a country home, especially if your condo is located in a special location. One of the hottest places to have a condo is in the coasts of Miami Beach. Why Miami Beach? There are various reasons why Miami Beach has become a prime spot to acquire a condo. People from different places flock over to Miami Beach, either visiting or moving in, to experience the hot Miami Lifestyle. "Hot" not … (2 comments)


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