realty blog: Real Estate Blogging: Empowering Home Buyers And Sellers - 04/05/08 06:48 PM
Blogs are considered trendy venues today fro people to write about their ideas, opinions, or marketing insights. Generally considered much like online journals or diaries, these have revolutionized the manner in which people voice their opinions, or even in the way they sell or promote their products or services. According to Internet industry observers, blogs are comparable to telling it like it is at the street level, and has also made an impact on the real estate industry as well. Experts note that real-estate blogging began in the Bay area, got a foothold in New York and has now has gained … (0 comments)

realty blog: Real Estate Blogging: Earning A Loyal Subscriber Base Helps - 03/31/08 11:58 PM
The practice of posting blogs, or Web logs these days, has truly revolutionized how individuals and businesses view the world of online marketing and promotion. With the rise in blogging, it's only natural to expect real estate blogs to also evolve. Blogging for real estate is growing at an enormous pace,as these avenues are seen as an effective and rather affordable Internet marketing tool for real estate agents and brokers. If you're planning on creating your own real estate blog, you'll need to know what it would take for your blog to stand out from the rest, garner subscribing readers and … (4 comments)

realty blog: Why Blogging Is A Valuable Tool For Real Estate Agents - 03/23/08 12:17 AM
In modern-day Internet parlance, a Blog refers to a short Web log, and started out as a personal journal Web site. These days, blogs are important not only for showcasing personal experiences and commentary, but also for enhancing how business is done. For those in the real estate industry, a real estate blog would generally contain local, city or town real estate information, as well as posted entries of opinions, events and updates on the housing market. What's Inside Property Market Blogs These Days While a lot of a real estate blogs show generally static information, as well as links to … (6 comments)


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