william Feela has brought up a great point.My wife used to do    a lot of sales but we never thought about this.I now can see many dangers that need to be thought about when having a sale.Take a read and then think about your next sale a bit more careful. De-clutter we tell our clients. have a sa...
Planning to build is a big step...There are many steps to think about  so many decisions.william feelahas a good outline of some of the major issues.And deciding if the lot or land fits your needs then it is on to the designs.It is not a fast process if done right.think hard about your needs and ...
It is a slogan that has garnered wide use."Minnesota Nice."Sounds a bit funky to some, but it does hold true.The town I live in is smaller yet and Minnesota nice is at the fore front.WE have learned that is takes very little effort most times to e nice to people. More people need to try it! Minne...
William Feela makes some very good points.There is so very little we can do to change the world so we need to concentrate on our own little world.Yes the world will have an influence, bet we can't jump at every little sign of trouble.  That only compounds the issues. In this readers humble opinio...
This is a great blog for people who do not know what to do when an issue comes up.You need to gee comfortable when dealing with your Professionals.If you don't feel good about them or do not trust them with what they have said...Call someone else!  YOu need to feel like you can trust them. Do you...
William Feela Has brought to the forefront one danger  of people selling their home on their own.We here this evey now and again.This time it was material things, but it has been a lot worse.There are many dangers but the one to ones personal safety  is by far the biggest concern.   I got a call ...
William Feela makes some great points about buying your second home. (or 3rd, 4th...).There is a great demand for starter   homes right now in North Branch, Mn and surrounding areas.For those ready or wanting to make a move now is a great time to do so, if the time is right for you. A lot of atte...
I know that sometimes this may work, but William Feela has made some great points.While dad and uncle may be good, are they looking at some issues like they really should.I have heard parents say, "Oh that isn't a big deal".So, take a quick read and take it to heart. With the proper notification ...
Interesting that William Feela would put this blog out. I just went through this with some first time buyers.They found a home and fell in love from just seeing the outside.Myself and another agent met them at the house for our first meeting.They brought along the pre-approval letter as I request...
William Feela has some good advice about the market.He doesn't portray himself as no expert but just some common sense advicefor those in the market.   AS he sasy the market goes up and down and how well  you can handle itdictates a lot on how you invest.   Are you a nervous Nellie I  investing? ...

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