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vFlyer is a classified ad creation, management and submission platform that enables online sellers to quickly and easily create attractive classified ads or "virtual flyers" that can be posted on dozens of leading online marketplaces in a few simple clicks. Our goal is make classified ads as easy and effective as possible for individuals and businesses selling online
Today, we’re excited to unveil vFlyer Marketing 5.0, the latest version of our award-winning marketing service. We made a conscious decision to focus on expanding our listing marketing features and capabilities in 2013 and this release is the first step in that effort. With it, vFlyer users can m...
Sometimes “fast and easy” just isn’t fast and easy enough. That’s the conclusion we reached about the Site Wizard, which guides vFlyer Sites users through the process of creating a website. Whereas before it comprised four steps (five, if you include the final review of the information entered an...
After months of design and development (and many gallons of coffee), I'm pleased to announce the launch of vFlyer Sites 2.0, the first major upgrade to the website service we launched one year ago. With Sites 2.0, we completely rebuilt the service from the ground up. We redesigned the user inter...
Let’s be honest: a lot of the websites out there today are in dire need of a makeover. This isn’t the Wayback Machine I’m talking about — I mean actual, live websites, in 2012, that look like they haven’t been touched since Bill Clinton was president. For many businesses that had the good sense t...
It’s been a while since we featured a vFlyer custom branded theme on our blog, so to make up for lost time, I’m featuring four–yes, four–great custom themes created by some of our users in real estate. First up: Ann Samuelson, Independent Broker at Atwater Real Estate in Astoria, OR. Ann’s custo...
Success in real estate depends on many things, but perhaps none more than genuinely liking and caring about people. A real estate agent is entrusted with guiding people through one of the biggest transactions of their lives, so this personal quality is essential to doing the job well. No other r...
When we launched vSites last summer, we included 120 different theme options with it, giving users a huge set of choices in the look of their website. I’m excited to announce that we introduced our first set of 14 new themes last week, bringing the total number of theme options to a whopping 134...
To say that 2011 was an eventful year would be an understatement. And while it’s tempting to try to sum up all the momentous changes and events in national and international politics, the economy, and technology, among other things, I’m sure there are plenty of others doing that just fine. So in...
We had our final deployment of 2011 last night and introduced some changes to our website, new features, and bug fixes. Here’s a rundown of the biggest changes: 1. Create a free vSites account On the vSites pricing page, we added an option to create a free account and build a website for free. Us...
Do you have a website? Do you use Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks? For those of you who answered yes to both questions, you've probably kept the two separate from each other up to this point. We want to show you why it's essential to bring them together. vFlyer is hosting a FREE webi...

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