vflyer: vFlyer Marketing 5.0: New Mobile Flyer Format, Mailing Lists, and More - 02/22/13 12:54 AM
Today, we’re excited to unveil vFlyer Marketing 5.0, the latest version of our award-winning marketing service. We made a conscious decision to focus on expanding our listing marketing features and capabilities in 2013 and this release is the first step in that effort. With it, vFlyer users can more effectively promote their listings across multiple channels, including their own websites. Here’s the lowdown on what’s included in the new version:
1. New Mobile Format and Branding Capabilities
We’ve long offered mobile landing pages for all flyers, but we’re psyched to introduce a new and improved mobile format that’s better optimized for … (2 comments)

vflyer: Building a Website Just Got Three Steps Easier - 12/07/12 12:38 AM
Sometimes “fast and easy” just isn’t fast and easy enough. That’s the conclusion we reached about the Site Wizard, which guides vFlyer Sites users through the process of creating a website. Whereas before it comprised four steps (five, if you include the final review of the information entered and the theme selected), the Site Wizard (shown below) is now a whopping one–yes, ONE–step. When you create a site now, you simply enter your site name, choose your business category, choose a theme, and BAM! You’ve built your website in under a minute.

Just as before, you can easily change the … (1 comments)

vflyer: vFlyer Sites 2.0 is here. Faster, more powerful, and free. - 08/02/12 07:26 AM
After months of design and development (and many gallons of coffee), I'm pleased to announce the launch of vFlyer Sites 2.0, the first major upgrade to the website service we launched one year ago. With Sites 2.0, we completely rebuilt the service from the ground up. We redesigned the user interface, making it more efficient and intuitive; added new core functionality, including an undo/redo feature and advanced page templates; streamlined processes to improve load time and reduce latency; and notably, we introduced a free plan, Sites Personal, that allows users to publish a free website.

The new design includes … (0 comments)

vflyer: Time to Upgrade That Old Website - 06/08/12 04:43 AM
Let’s be honest: a lot of the websites out there today are in dire need of a makeover. This isn’t the Wayback Machine I’m talking about — I mean actual, live websites, in 2012, that look like they haven’t been touched since Bill Clinton was president.
For many businesses that had the good sense to set up a website five, six, even ten years ago, they haven’t had the time or ability to maintain it since then, and consequently, the site looks woefully outdated now. And since having a website that looks great and provides up-to-date information is more important than … (2 comments)

vflyer: A Good Ol’ vFlyer Custom Themes Bonanza - 05/18/12 01:32 AM
It’s been a while since we featured a vFlyer custom branded theme on our blog, so to make up for lost time, I’m featuring four–yes, four–great custom themes created by some of our users in real estate.
First up: Ann Samuelson, Independent Broker at Atwater Real Estate in Astoria, OR. Ann’s custom theme is just awesome. She’s taken the branding from her website and turned it into a very nice header image with her name, company, and “Earth Advantage Broker” logo on it. The lighter colors of the rest of the theme are a nice contrast to the header and … (2 comments)

vflyer: vSites All-Star: Joann Welch - 02/28/12 11:48 PM
Success in real estate depends on many things, but perhaps none more than genuinely liking and caring about people. A real estate agent is entrusted with guiding people through one of the biggest transactions of their lives, so this personal quality is essential to doing the job well. No other real estate agent I’ve encountered conveys a genuine love of people more than Joann Welch, our vSites All-Star for February. In talking to Joann, you immediately sense her enthusiasm for what she does (or just enthusiasm, period). Others have taken notice too: Joann was featured last month on the Century 21 … (0 comments)

vflyer: New vSites Themes! - 02/15/12 03:51 AM
When we launched vSites last summer, we included 120 different theme options with it, giving users a huge set of choices in the look of their website. I’m excited to announce that we introduced our first set of 14 new themes last week, bringing the total number of theme options to a whopping 134. The new themes, while having different color palates, textures, and site menu placement (not to mention splash images), all share a clean, streamlined look and feel that should appeal to many site creators.
One nice touch of all the new themes is the shadow effect below … (0 comments)

vflyer: The Year That Was: 2011 vFlyer Recap - 12/30/11 04:50 AM

To say that 2011 was an eventful year would be an understatement. And while it’s tempting to try to sum up all the momentous changes and events in national and international politics, the economy, and technology, among other things, I’m sure there are plenty of others doing that just fine. So in this end-of-year recap I’ll stick to vFlyer, which also had an eventful, mostly fun, often hectic, and ultimately successful 2011.
The big event for us this past year was the launch of vSites, our website builder and hosting service, now all of four months old. In development for … (4 comments)

vflyer: Free vSites Account, Faster Image Loading, and Other Updates - 12/29/11 03:10 AM
We had our final deployment of 2011 last night and introduced some changes to our website, new features, and bug fixes. Here’s a rundown of the biggest changes:
1. Create a free vSites account On the vSites pricing page, we added an option to create a free account and build a website for free. Users who sign up for a free account get access to all vSites features and can add and edit their site content as much as they want. It’s only when they’re ready to publish the site and take it live that they’ll need to upgrade to a … (0 comments)

vflyer: Join us for a FREE webinar tomorrow - "Creating a Social Website" - 11/30/11 04:22 AM
Do you have a website? Do you use Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks? For those of you who answered yes to both questions, you've probably kept the two separate from each other up to this point. We want to show you why it's essential to bring them together.
vFlyer is hosting a FREE webinar, "Creating a Social Website," tomorrow at 1pm PST/4pm EST. We're thrilled to have Charity Hisle, social media consultant and founder of Socially Engaged Marketing, as our guest trainer. In her business, Charity works with apartment communities and small businesses to help them tap the marketing … (2 comments)

vflyer: Site of the Week by Treetop Sales Corporation - 09/09/11 04:19 AM
Hello and happy Friday everybody!  This week’s featured site is an ode to the beauty of simplicity.  Anthony Gilbert of Treetop Sales Corporation is a longtime vFlyer user who saw vSites—our new website builder—as “a natural move forward.”  Let’s have a look at today’s site:

Treetop Sales is a manufactured homes dealer hailing from Kissimmee, Florida.  Naturally, the website focuses on the homes available for sale today.  Whereas last week’s featured site employed an inline frame to reference a listing inventory hosted elsewhere, Anthony, who already has all of his homes on vMarketing, made good use of the Listings Module … (0 comments)

vflyer: Announcing vSites, the new vFlyer website builder! - 08/19/11 03:04 AM
I’m thrilled to announce the launch of vSites, our new website builder! This is vFlyer’s second major service offering since we began in 2005 and has been in the works for close to two years. We’re so excited to introduce vSites to the world and help more people and companies market themselves online.
vSites began with a simple idea: most websites are dead. Many businesses haven’t had the time, money, or know-how to properly maintain theirs — assuming they have one in the first place — so their websites just sit, growing increasingly obsolete and less valuable. When websites are … (0 comments)

vflyer: New features: Secondary Contact and Social Media Toolbar - 03/17/11 05:55 AM
I’m very excited to announce vFlyer’s first major service update of 2011. In response to demand from our users—and in an effort to better support the needs of the industries we serve—we’ve introduced two new features: a second contact and a social media toolbar.

When it comes to capturing leads, two contacts are better than one. Nobody likes getting sent to voicemail; now, with two phone numbers, email addresses and faces on each flyer, prospects are twice as likely to reach a live person. Co-listing agents, we heard you! You can now feature both agents equally across your vFlyer account. … (0 comments)

vflyer: Twitter Basics - 02/02/11 03:50 AM
If you're reading this post, chances are you're already a pro on Twitter. But maybe not - Twitter is often the last frontier for agents looking to get active online, and for good reason - it doesn't make a whole lot of intuitive sense. Skeptics often ask "Who cares what you just had for breakfast?", or "I don't want to hear about the contents of your grocery cart at Trader Joe's". But as most of you know, Twitter is so much more. Twitter offers a medium to connect with people that is simpler, more straightforward, and often more fun than it's … (1 comments)

vflyer: Video - Adding a "Listings" tab to your Facebook Page - 01/27/11 04:53 AM
Today I'd like to share with you a quick video that demonstrates how to add a "Listings" tab to your Facebook Page. In our last post, we discussed upcoming changes to the Facebook Page, and while things will soon look very different, applications on your Page will still be supported. This is the second in a new series of "video shorts" we'll be producing on various web marketing tips and tricks. There's also one on adding widgets to your Blogger blog. If there's a topic you'd like to see covered in a short tutorial video, let us know and we'll gladly … (1 comments)

vflyer: Here Comes the New Facebok Page - 01/21/11 05:43 AM
Today I spotted the first live version of Facebook’s new Page. Although there’s no official word yet from Facebook, the new layout matches the recently updated Facebook Profile, and confirms that what we saw a few weeks ago was indeed a sneak peek of the real deal.
The new Page is so similar to a Profile that I initially mistook Stylehouse Realty’s Facebook Page for a Profile. As I thought about what an interesting marketing strategy this is, I saw that Stylehouse had no friends, just “Likes”, and I knew that I was viewing the new Page.

Across the … (5 comments)

vflyer: 2010 vFlyer Recap - 12/30/10 05:45 AM
The end of every year brings countless end-of-year memorials, top ten lists, and other efforts to capture another chapter of our collective existence. Not that there’s anything wrong with this; the closing of the annum is a good time for us, as individuals and organizations, to reflect on the highs and lows, the changes big and small, and our continued, sometimes fitful improvement over the last twelve months. So with that, I offer some vFlyer highlights of 2010:
We opened the year with a complete redesign of our website. The new design not only freshened our look but also made … (0 comments)

vflyer: Custom Theme of the Week by Debe Maxwell - 12/14/10 03:31 AM
Every week we highlight a custom theme from one of our fabulous users, and if it comes from the world of real estate, we'll bring it over here to activerain. This week’s custom theme is from Debe Maxwell, the leading Realtor in Charlotte, North Carolina, and a familiar face to many of you I'm sure. Debe has built a business and reputation based on excellent customer service. In fact, her post on this very topic was read and enjoyed by members of the vFlyer CSR team. Debe's custom theme is just one piece of her internet marketing arsenal. In addition to … (7 comments)

vflyer: What Syndication Can Do for You - 12/07/10 06:35 AM
These days, broad exposure online is crucial to the modern business. But with so many different websites to promote your business on, building a presence on each one would be a very time-consuming and tedious process. Where are the most important places to promote oneself online, and how can you get your content there in the most efficient manner? One way to quickly gain broad exposure is through syndication, or the automatic distribution of a listing to multiple websites. vFlyer is one of a number of online services that automatically submits listings to online marketplaces and classifieds sites. In this post, … (2 comments)

vflyer: What Can You Gain from Email Marketing? - 11/10/10 08:32 AM
Today, we’re featuring a post from our own Customer Success Rep and email marketing expert, Ryan Miller:
As technology evolves, so too must our marketing efforts. The world has changed, and people now spend more time in front of their computer screens than their TV sets or newspapers. And while this shift may render traditional marketing channels less effective (though by no means obsolete), it also brings about a whole new set of possibilities for reaching out to and connecting with clients and prospects via the Web. Email marketing is a fantastic tool for increasing the number of potential clients … (0 comments)

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