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Have you ever wondered what sets some realtors apart from the rest? What makes them the "one" that clients gravitate to? What are you doing every day, day in/day out to improve yourself and your business. Did that person have better timing, marketing strategies, support, etc. What are the secrets...
Here are some quotes about homes. We help in one of the most exciting and stressful transitions and transactions in most people lives. We will forever be connected to a house we help sell or buy. The responsibility entrusted to you is great. How many other careers can say that? Just remember at t...
Buying a home can be exhausting and exciting all at the same time. There are the usual tips that most savvy potential homebuyers are already aware of: Review your expenses and then get pre-approved, where do you want to live, home inspection, etc. Here are a few other tips that are not always giv...
The bottom line as an agent is you are there to HELP. Whether you are giving them a realistic value of their much cherished home or helping them buy a home. Always keep at the forefront the clients best interests, not yours. Don't act like you are listening, REALLY listen. Watch for body language...
Elmhurst endures....If I had to quickly describe our town to a visitor here is how it would go, "it sucks you in". I was raised here and raising my own children here. It is a tranquil tree lined beauty, rich in history with all the modern conveniences. The city is commited to citizen involvement,...
The difference between try and triumph is a little UMPH. ~Author Unknown                                          There are songs, books & even movies about "trying your best". If you try your best, can there be "failure"? Failure by definition is the state or condition of not meeting a desirable...
Creating & Maintaining client relationships:  LISTEN, they want their story heard. Ask questions in a supportive way to get more information. Communicate frequently. Anticipate questions. Preparation is key, demonstrate knowledge. Set clear expectations. Be honest and build trust, because trust h...
Start of a new week, offers limitless opportunities. Cold call, re-visit difficult clients, e-mail blast current market trends or a real estate joke to current clients. Make sure you are at the forefront of a positive message and a name they quickly remember. So start today so your NEW ending wil...
Know your job! Don't be the realtor who thinks "that's not my responsibility". Be the "GO TO" for everything real estate and the first person that comes to mind for anyone with a real estate question.  It is your responsibility to know how your lender, home inspector, attorney and appraiser all o...
Coping with the difficult client, a few rules I try to follow: Don't take people's behavior personally. LISTEN and then gently ask questions. Do not lose your cool or interrupt. STR: Stop, Think, Respond. Acknowledge their perspective. You can only change your responses to their behavior.  In the...


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