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Victoria Ray Henderson is Vice President & Associate Broker with Buyer's Edge Marshall Henderson is an experienced Exclusive Buyers Agent with Buyer's Edge Victoria & Marshall are members of the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents (naeba.org) licensed Realtors in Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC We specialize in Home Buyer representation focusing on property evaluation, negotiation and attentive service to our Buyer clients. We are quick to respond and always available to see properties of interest.



Home Buying During the Holidays   What you see is what you get! So if you are house hunting now, here are a few tips to help you find your dream home.    Yards are Bare- walk around the homes perimeter and get a good look at the foundation. Now is the time to check for potential drainage problems...
Members of Congress Can Smoke Marijuana   Pardon me a moment while I take a mental picture....it's a bit surreal but true. On November 4th, District voters overwhelmingly approved Initiative 71 which will legalize the limited possession and cultivation of marijuana by adults who are 21 or older. ...
Going to the Concert for Valor on the National Mall?   Join the crowds! 800,000 people expected to attend this free live event happening today.  Thank You for Your Service...is not a conversation but it's a start. This is one of the slogans for the concert celebrating our Veterans. How can we hel...
You already have what you need to succeed.....   Practice these three steps daily, several times a day and you will have lasting success!      1. Respond to all emails, texts and phones calls as quickly as possible  Especially if you are dreading it! And even if you have no new information. Let p...
Home Buyers want to buy clean houses  When you find a buyer for your house and make it through the home inspection and other contingencies-it's time to celebrate! After all, you are out the door and already decorating your new place. But wait a second, before you leave your old house behind-make ...

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